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Version 0.8.08 released

I am pleased to announce version 0.8.08 is now available. This version features a complete rewrite of the backend IO to randomly access data from the server. It is now possible to browse to any page in a bundled document without downloading the whole file. The in memory file cache has been reduced to less than 4MB, so out of memory errors are less likely with the newer version.

For those writing code, the new version of the API uses two classes for IO. A special InputStream, and an Enumerator. Hopefully, people will find this new IO model easier to use than the old one.... read more

Posted by Dr Bill C Riemers 2005-09-03

Version 0.8.06 released

This version adds book mode displays, keyboard shortcuts, and open to search. Note: Book mode should not be used for huge documents like newpapers and maps as it will exhaust the memory available in the jvm.


Posted by Dr Bill C Riemers 2005-08-11

Version 0.8.05 released

The main improvements are:
1. Correction of update bug when viewing hidden text.
2. Improved annotation support.
3. Navigates directories when used as a standalone viewer.

If you are not using hidden text, annotations, or the standalone browser there is no need to update from version 0.8.04.

Posted by Dr Bill C Riemers 2005-07-19

Version 0.8.04 is released

I am pleased to report this new version is both faster and more stable than any of the prior builds.

Naturally, the browser plug-in is still faster. However, the gap has been significantly reduced. Many of the algorithms ported from C++ have now been optimized for Java and both multithreads and caching are used to enhance the user experience.

I strongly recommend updating websites to the newer version.... read more

Posted by Dr Bill C Riemers 2005-07-12

Testing pre-release 0.8.03

For those interested in testing, please try:

with various settings. I have posted a pre-release version built off the CVS tree. This version is scheduled to be released later this month.


Posted by Dr Bill C Riemers 2005-07-06

Minor upgrade available.

I have posted an upgrade to version 0.8.02. This version fixes most of the reported problems. Swing components are now used for text and combobox input if available. This makes for a cleaner looking toolbar. File caching has also been improved to use SoftReferences to avoid filling up the memory.


Posted by Dr Bill C Riemers 2005-06-01

Sourcecode now available.

This is version 0.8 of the Java DjVu Viewer. All the intended functionality works. Only DjVu 3.0 and later documents are supported. It has been reported that bundled documents must completely download before the first page is displayed, so I recommend only using indirect documents for the time being.

I am looking for volunteers to help spruce up the webpages for this site, and add some examples that are linked to my personal webpage.... read more

Posted by Dr Bill C Riemers 2004-12-16

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