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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2007-06-20

    I have tryed to make a Google's gadget based on javadjvu. I'm not a programmer and the code is very bad (I just copied and pasted code).

    You can see the result at:
    (at least it works witk linux-opera)

    It's very easy to embed Google's gadget at web page: you make the configuration and they give you the code (something like):
    <script src=";up_TITLE=Eventos%3A%20d%C3%ADas%20que%20faltan&amp;up_SHOW_CD=1&amp;synd=open&amp;w=640&amp;h=480&amp;title=__UP_TITLE__&amp;border=%23ffffff%7C3px%2C1px+solid+%23999999&amp;output=js"></script>

    You have to have in the same directory:

    The code of the google's gadget is:

    I think it wouldn't be difficult for any of you (programmers) to make an improved version of this google gadget. It will make easier for anybody to use this code. As an example of a Google Gadget, take a look at:

    - Configure
    - Press "Get The Code" and you will get:
    <script> .... </script>
    for your webpage.

    You can take a look to the code of this gadget at:

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2007-06-21

      It crash my Linux-Mozilla too. You can see a photo showing how it works here:

      Most people doesn't know java, html, javascript (just like me). It is easier for people to work with "wikis" or "blogs" that to learn a software to create a web page.

      It's usual that wikis doesn't allow to work directly with java or javascript, but most of them allow to work with Google's gadgets or Yahoo's widgets. The advantage is:
      - The way you install a gadget is always the same. Take a look at:
      There are a lot of gadgets and all of them are installed in the same way:
      1. Look for a gadget. (for example: djvu :oP )
      2. Configure the gadget using a menu. Quiet similar to your "Test page".
      3. Obtain the code you need for your webpage, wiki, blog, ...

      Probably is not better, it just allow to reach more users (the ones that doesn't know programming).

      I don't know why it only works on Opera.

      Best regards and congratulations for all your work.
      Jose M.

    • Dr Bill C Riemers

      I don't have opera. But I have tried all the browsers I do have under Fedora 7, RHEL5, and Windows XP. On some platforms your page crashes my browser, on others I just get a blank frame where the DjVu image should be. Under firefox, Windows XP the java console reported a security exception. That is not surprising since the security scope of a frame component is not clearly defined ever browser probably does something different. I am not familiar with Google's gadget. How is it better, when it works, than just using an applet tag?



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