InputStream caching

  • Marcin Werla

    Marcin Werla - 2005-04-22


    I use JavaDjvu for extracting and indexing text from DjVu files. I've found that, there is a cache for opened streams DjVuPage class (static field cache). I have disabled this cache by subclassing DjVuPage class - it is necassary for me, as I open thousands of files in one "session" - and all of them were cached.

    And here is my question: is there somewhere else another caching mechanism which I should disable?

    Marcin Werla

    • Dr Bill C Riemers

      Rather commenting out the cache mechanism, instead change the HashTable to a WeakHashMap. That way files which are still in use will not need to be reloaded. Even better add a GList of SoftReferences to append streams to, so the data will be available until the garbage collector determines the memory is needed.

      I would have designed the caching this way, but this solution is not Java 1.1 compatible.


    • Dr Bill C Riemers

      You will find in the 0.8.03 and 0.8.04 versions SoftReferences are used for caching on modern Java versions, and only minimal caching is done with older Java versions.



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