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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have looked over your deployment page and the examples you have posted and have a question.

    If one codes a web page for users with the browser plug-in, you can have several DjVu documents in a list with href links coded in the html source. A single html page could provide direct access to 40 or more DjVu documents.

    I don't see an example anywhere that permits the Java viewer to do this without having a seperate page with the applet embedded in it somehow. It looks like I could have the same first page as the browser page, but then have to code up individual pages for each link for the Java viewer to display the DjVu document.

    Am I off base here or is this correct?

    Senior Citizen

    • Dr Bill C Riemers

      Correct. There is no way to directly open an applet from a URL reference. The best you can do is have links that refere to Javascript or a CGI-BIN that generates the HTML code on the fly. On my website I use a cgi-bin:


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hmmm, I have heard CGI around here and there and truthfully can't say what it is. You don't have to answer or explain. PHP, PERL, JAVA, JAVASCRPIT are all NEW to me.

      I have a test CGI (?) page which uses OPENDIR, READDIR, then publishes (?) the list as links with the DjVu Browser options appended to each link.

      Before I can get to something like that with the JAVA viewer, I need to understand some more about web stuff.

      I placed the source at the above link on my web site and attempted to pass (?) the link on the URL.

      It opens the web page, starts the applet but in the JAVA console it states some kind of IOerror and can't find "". I also tried

      Sorry to be so dense, but I drowning in new, deep, water.

      Senior Citizen


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