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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    While messing around with the script to get the viewer working, I encountered several JavaIO type things, Class not loaded/found something or other, and lots of grey JAVA screens.

    The Class not found/loaded message is pretty clear when it is in the middle of a large grey screen. The empty grey screen doesn't let an end user know that the file could be found, a array is out of bounds, etc..

    Suggest an initial status page (and/or error page) be included (like the buttons) for display when the applet is ready for operation. This might require a flag somwehere to indicate the applet is ready and waiting for a file name or a file name was given and the applet was unsuccessful in loading it or floundering around attempting to find "index.djvu" or "directory.djvu".

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    • Dr Bill C Riemers

      I took your suggestion to heart. In 0.8.03 and 0.8.04 the relevant error and call trace is shown when a document fails to load. While you could get the same information from the Java Console screen, I find many people do not know about the Java Console. On some platforms, like MacOSX, I haven't found anyway to open the Java Console.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        >On some platforms, like MacOSX, I haven't found anyway to open the Java Console


        on mac os x a way to show the java Console is to run application:utility:java:Java 1.4.2 Plugin Settings and set "Show console" under Generale pane.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      New York mirror - file doesn't exist.
      Chapel Hill mirror - file is 0 bytes
      Atlanta mirror - finally got the zip file

      One we were after is:


      Senior Citizen

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the inclusion. I attempted a download of 8.06 but only get 0 bytes from 3 or 4 mirrors, other mirrors don't even seem to have the file.

      I downloaded 8.05 without problems and tested the case where it couldn't find a file. The window lets me know that something ( and what in this case ) is having a problem.

      What is the 'frame' thing ( separate jar or class , can't remember right now ) ?

      Do I need it at all as it seems to work without it?

      Senior Citizen


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