Jack J. Woehr - 2008-11-20

>but it is your project and not mine, so I'll just go back to my own project

Um, I'm only a developer who just got added. I'm not trying to change the world. I'm trying to get a few changes and finishing touches into the project that I need, and in return, I'm sweeping the back room :)

You haven't enunciated a need. You've enunciated a WIBNI : Wouldn't It Be Nice If everything were Pure Java. Yes, maybe, but that's not what this project is!

You want a project that is Java Terminal Control. Java having a very, very, pale, faint notion of character-mode terminals, none really at all, that's a Large Task. I wrote something like that years ago, a Pure Java remote mainframe record file editor called MEU that's I think still distributed as an Example with JTOpen http://sourceforge.net/projects/jt400 ... I know whereof I speak!

Again, if you want it, welcome to the Open Source World! All you have to do is rewrite jcurses/system/Toolkit.java in pure Java and you have what you're asking for. You want the "JCurses team to plan for it" but the team is, apparently, anyone who is reliable and trustworthy and responsible and wants to do some coding. I'm the only one doing any coding so far in 2008 :) Here are my priorities, and I think ascii27net concurs:

  1. Javadocs ... working on this. Makes me visit all the corners of the code!

  2. Polymorphism in layout mgrs

  3. Performance

  4. Bugs.

  5. Various feature requests that make sense.