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Working on Intelligence System (Quest/Dialog)

Posted by Pal Illes 2011-04-13

Minor fix release is out

If you have downloaded the previous release you just have to get the fixpack (20091104-fix.zip). It contains the fix for a slowness experienced in the resolution picker dialog by Linux users with Java6.

Posted by Pal Illes 2009-11-23

'Spring Greeting' release out

- New monsters and animals (by tidbit)
- New area type Maze (models by tidbit), maze generation
- Audio system enhanced, zone dependent music playback
- Main theme music added (by Jasper Brownrigg)
- Battle and background music for climate zones (by Pal Illes)
- Cave background music (by Marcus Rasseli)
- Storage unlocking/looting interface added, chests with traps and fix loot added to maze area
- Enhanced world map (F1)
- A heap of new portraits (by Grumbel, and public domain organized by qubodup)
- Voice profile selection for character creation with one new male sound-set (voice act by Magnulus)
- Support for normal/spec mapping for static models
- Options menu settings (by goq66)
- Optimized loading/rendering algorithm, moving to jME 2.0
- Texture atlas technique, DDS textures added, memory optimizations
- Many bugfixes (e.g. game fixed for use on Intel gfx under Linux)
- Quicker loading of game, addition of 'Please Wait' panel

Posted by Pal Illes 2009-02-28

The 'Vigilant Eye' Release is out

- Turn based playable Combat phase added
- New animated models (boarmen thug and mage by Zphr)
- New house and town models (by Zphr)
- New static monster model (kobold by Surt)
- Total redesign of jungle plants, new plants for continental,
- New Encounter Ground system that separates the encounter scene
- Inventory enhanced (equip,attach,give,drop)
- New Loot Window after combat
- Character leveling
- New ground tile generation system with smoothed ground
- New 2D elements, some refactored UI images
- Optional support for secondary ground textures
- Optional texture splatted ground tile blends
- New spells, skills, items, artifacts, objects
- Bard instrument concept available with one implemented item
- Particle system with lights for spells added
- Support for continuously playing sound sources like waters, forest ambient
- New environment & humanoid sounds added
- New Body Part system that enables critical impacts
- Optimizations: tree trunk batching, cutting of non-visible interior parts, more locking
- Bugfixes
- Farview is disabled till fixing it for new ground system

Posted by Pal Illes 2008-08-13

The "Anniversary Boom" release is out!

New UI windows for Encounter Phase, Turn Act Phase, Character Sheet (F3 key) and Inventory (F4) were added. New Population generation algorithms (GrownInfrastructure, DefaultInfrastructure) were added along with new integration level of named Towns for friendly populations to unite in. Economy Update Turn implemented for growing or declining population changes. Basic level Entity relations and Entity states (level and points) and Entity fragments (roaming entity groups) were added. A few Objects for inventory were added. Skill system further implemented with object dependencies and Skill Act Forms (like some spells and some combat forms etc.).
New animals heron and deer were added and wolf replaced (glestanimals of wciow at glest.org). Smaller bugfixes, optimizations (culling works again now correctly). This is the First Anniversary Release! :)

Posted by Pal Illes 2008-05-30

The "Nightside" Release is out

Check out the downloads, ungzip, play and report back with your experience here or at the forum. As things go further and further we are nearing a state where more and more 3D models and their animation is becoming tremendously needed in the art department! There are already several models (e.g. bear, wolf, fox, spider) that's in need of rigging and animation or there's the already rigged human model pair that just needs animation. So if you want to help out, join the effort! A great opportunity to practice animation and it would mean a lot to the free game development community and jcrpg.... read more

Posted by Pal Illes 2008-04-17

The "Contributionary" release is out

UI graphics were completely redesigned including main menu, character creation widgets, on screen display. Some new character portraits were added. Code optimization for 3D and loading performance were done. World and Ecology generation configuration through XML file were developed. Some mushrooms and other vegetation appended to flora. Local map was implemented and added replacing mini world map on the HUD.

Posted by Pal Illes 2008-03-15

The "Winter Killer" release is out

Main menu added with working Save/Load/New Game options. Sounds and in game music added along with the new Audio System. Character generation screens with many skills and classes along with currently 4 new races were added. Party setup for new games is working now. On screen party portraits view to visualize your party was added. A set of portraits was added for use with the character generation.

Posted by Pal Illes 2008-02-24

The "Animal Outside" release is out

"Ecology System and ecology generation with 3 type of animal packs (gorilla, wolf, warthog) was added, Encounters' system draft version was implemented, World geography generation was boosted with Cave and River addition, Animated /rigged model loading (Gorilla), Text box log and choice box window added to UI elements, World map colorization was extended, 'UI ruining shadows' bug fixed."

Posted by Pal Illes 2008-02-03

The "Many Things plus Farview" release is out

Base geographies (Mountain, Plain, Forest) were refactored to point height calculated tile generation. Cave and River were rewritten to be compatible with the modififed base geographies. Farview mode was refactored and beautified based on new geographies. New configuration parameter called RENDER_DISTANCE_FARVIEW was added. World generation were extended with rivers and caves. The demo game is now running in the generated world.

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-12-21

The "Base UI" snapshot release is out!

- UI base elements were added: load icon, compass, time meter, world map, HUD panel.
- Internal Flora is now configurable through FloraGenerators. Example internal flora in the Cave.
- Initial version of the World Generator is added. The World Map UI element shows a world generated by it.
- Updated JME libraries from CVS.

tar.gzipped instead of bz2.

Test and report if got something! :-)

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-12-02

New minor changes pre-alpha release

- vertex shader fix for intel integrated video card
- new animal models
- advanced lake with depth, waters with better looking coast
- fix for small billboarding bug

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-10-20

New pre-alpha release


Bumped terrain tiles, river and lake water geographies, optional far view mode were added. JME's water render pass applied on water surface with reflection. Grass is added to the mountain slopes too and the grass vertex shader is improved.

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-10-07

Project moved to GPLv3

Attention! The project licensing moved from LGPL to GNU GPLv3.

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-09-27

Bugfix/optimization patch download

One day after the release of 20070903 a minor patch is added to the download files. Contains fix for some vegetation billboard rotation problem and memory/performance optimization, memory fix update.

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-09-04

New optimization prealpha release with cave

Optimization release with addition of the new Cave geography. Many parts of 3D core was optimized. Vertex/fragment shaders were added for grass/foliage wind effect. Geometry batching was added to terrain tile/model/grass/foliage loading. Cave inside the mountain is now available.

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-09-03

Performance booster patch downloadable

Download the diff only if you have the last (2007-08-10 release) and copy contents over your 2007-08-10 release content directory. After that you can run the game normally.

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-08-12

Long overdure weekly release at last available!

Check out the downloads. Headlights:

3D core with uncountable changes and refactoring, new jungle design, partly billboarded trees and bushes, optimizations.

Pushed out the pre-alpha release cycle to include many fixes, refactoring and testing. Here you go now..Test and report! :-)

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-08-10

svn_20070728 major update pre-alpha released

One hard week passed again: many changes ranging from memory bug fixes, optimizations through new bloom effect, billboarded sinusoid moving vegetation to model casted shadows.

Check the screenshots at jcrpg.blogspot.com if unsure to download or not.

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-07-28

svn_20070719 pre-alpha release

Yeah, we have one again! Test it hard, use config.properties to see what performance you can squeeze out of you PC, and then please report back your FPS results along with your PC configuration. Any comments, results are much welcome!

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-07-20

New snapshot release

New plant model collection, day-night cycle with orbiters Sun and Moon, many changes in 3D core and render part, use of mipmapping for the textures. Enjoy.

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-07-13

svn_20070630 released


Fixes in 3D engine, walk restrictions implemented, Flora generated on all geographic place type (Mountains,Plains, Forests), new 3d models (mostly trees), MacOSX dependency libs for lwjgl/openal added.

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-06-30

Runnable snapshot downloadable

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-06-27

Project on dev.java.net and freshmeat, new contributors

Freshmeat project: http://freshmeat.net/projects/jcrpg


The project is getting a bit more attention so far here on sourceforge and on the blog (http://jcrpg.blogspot.com), some kind people giving contributions by support and content! Jcrpg thanks them great much!

jcrpg lead dev.

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-06-27

News can be read on the dev's blog

You can read the latest news and snippets about the project on blog: http://jcrpg.blogspot.com . The project's currently obtaining its first version of 3D look and the basic concepts of its spatial.

Posted by Pal Illes 2007-06-03

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