Hello Sean,

Thank you a lot for your help. As I'm just updating the interfaces I use (or I plan to use),
I propose you to update the interfaces you need (or you think are more urgently needed) and
that are not already ported to player 3. This means all interfaces that remain with the tag:

* @version
* <ul>
* <li>v2.0 - Player 2.0 supported
* </ul>

(in fact the big majority, as you can see).

Please do not work on PlannerInterface nor LocalizeInterface, and I'm just now working on them.
I'm also preparing a RangerInterface that I'll commit when finished.

To update an interface just means to verify it reads and writes the data expected/provided by
Player server. There also new commands on player 3 that of course are not still implemented on

To upload changes, I suppose the project responsible can authorize you to commit on SVN server,
or if you prefer, send me the modified files and I'll commit them.

Let me know if you need any support, or you have different ideas of how to do.

Best regards,

> Hello Jorge, et al.
> I just saw the posting about JavaClietn 3 and would like to offer any
> assistance that I might be to get the project updated to Player 3.x.
> I can code, test, document, etc. as needed.
> Respectfully,
> Sean Stallbaum