Hi all,

I was reading through the code in PlayerClient.java and I saw getRequestedDevice [1].
It checks readyRequestDevice, which after the first call to getRequestedDevice, will be always true thereafter. Shouldn't this be replaced with a call to isReadyRequestDevice() instead?

[1]: getRequestedDevice()

     * Returns an object of type PlayerDevice containing the requested device.
     * @param interf requested interface
     * @param index requested index
     * @return a PlayerDevice object containing the requested device
    private PlayerDevice getRequestedDevice (int interf, int index) {
        while (!readyRequestDevice);
        PlayerDevAddr pda = newpd.getDeviceAddress ();
        if ((pda.getInterf () == interf) && (pda.getIndex () == index))
            return newpd;
            return null;

Alexander Lam