Hello all,

I'm preparing to release the Javaclient3, and as a previous step I have tried to update all the interfaces,
so I have made a massive commit (almost any file in javaclient3 branch), so please update your copies
of javaclient as soon as possible.

I have tagged all interfaces as version 3.0 - Player 3.0 supported (maybe very optimistically...)

While reviewing the code, I have partially formatted it (tabs to spaces, trailing spaces removed, etc.), so
don't worry about the huge number of changes, as most of them are irrelevant

Probably the single change that will affect someone is that I have renamed PlayerPose and PlayerBbox
as PlayerPose2d and PlayerBbox2d, to improve clarity and maintain coherence with playerc.

Please report any error you find!

I have realized that there are some interfaces still not implemented in javaclient, along with some requests
missing in the implemented interfaces (all I founded are marked as TODOs):

  - opaque A generic interface for user-defined messages
  - imu Inertial Measurement Unit.
  - vectormap Access and update geometric features in a map.
  - blackboard Access properties stored in a central repository.
  - stereo Stereo imagery (left-right channels, disparity and a 3-D stereo point cloud).
  - audio            (its functionality is dispersed in SoundInterface AudioDSPInterface AudioMixerInterface
and WaveformInterface)

As I have not many time, I prefer to focus on those interfaces that people find more useful, so if you want
one of the above mentioned interfaces, or a missing TODO to be implemented, please let me know.