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The jar installer appeared to work without incident. However, when I tried running the script in my home folder as well as in /usr/bin/ (I installed it twice), it gave me a bunch of errors. The uninstall script gives the same errors. I have attached a text file with the errors I am receiving.


  • kcandrews

    kcandrews - 2007-05-13


  • Dominic Kramer

    Dominic Kramer - 2007-05-13

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    Hi. Thanks for reporting this error. It appears that you are using gcj (the Free Software Foundation's java interpretor). NoteLab has been thoroughly tested using Sun Microsystem's Java Virtual Machine (Sun invented Java). If you use the Sun's Java Virtual Machine, NoteLab should install and run fine. Because of implementation details, gcj may act differently than Sun's Virtual Machine, which appears to be the problem you are facing.

    The Sun Virtual Machine can be freely downloaded from java.sun.com. The location to which the virtual machine is installed should contain a 'bin' directory and will contain the file 'java'. This is the java interpretor.

    If you type 'which java' in a terminal, the terminal will tell you which file it executes when you specify to execute 'java'. Before installing the Sun Virtual Machine, it will probably state that it is executing a file which is actually a link to gcj.

    Suppose you installed the Java Virtual Machine in '/usr/local/java' and the directory '/usr/local/java/bin' contains the 'java' file. Then in the '.bashrc' file in your home directory add the line 'export PATH=/usr/local/java/bin:$PATH'. Next reboot your computer for the changes to take affect.

    After the computer starts if you issue the command 'which java' in a terminal, it should report '/usr/local/java/bin/java' is the file to be executed. At this point in time NoteLab should install and run fine.

    To uninstall NoteLab if it partially installed simply delete the directory NoteLab_<version> wherever you specified to install NoteLab. Also delete the directory .NoteLab in your home directory.

    I hope this helps and if you have any other questions or comments feel free to post them.

  • kcandrews

    kcandrews - 2007-05-13

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    Thanks for the fast reply! The compiler was my problem. Thanks!

  • Dominic Kramer

    Dominic Kramer - 2007-05-16
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