NoteLab 0.2 Released

NoteLab Version 0.2 Changelog
This version of NoteLab was given the release number 0.2, a dramatic increase
from the previous 0.1.5 release, because it has many major improvements over
that release. Some of the more noticable changes are listed below.

* Improvement: Added full screen suppot.
* Improvement: Implemented a nonvolatile rendering method which makes
writing much more responsive and improves stroke apperance.
* Improvement: The icon set is now based on the Tango Desktop Project's
Tango icon set.
* Improvement: The Nimbus look and feel is now used as the default look
and feel.
* Improvement: The toolbars can now be hidden to give more room for writing.
* Improvement: The writing canvas now has an eraser mode. As such, one
can quickly remove strokes without having to enter editing
* Improvement: By holding down the button found on the side of the
stylus, the current operation is inverted. If one is writing,
by holding down the side button, the stylus will instead
act as an eraser. If one is selecting text, holding down the
side button will cause the stylus to unselect text.
* Improvement: Added a "--currentDirectory" command line argument which sets
the directory from which open and save dialogs start from.
* Improvement: Added an option to the debug menu to show the current value for
each user defined setting.

* Bug fix: Fixed a bug where if the session contained to many pages the
export utility couldn't export the session to an image due to a
lack of system memory. Now if there is not enough memory, each page
is rendered to a separate image.

Posted by Dominic Kramer 2009-02-08

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