NoteLab 0.1.3 Released

NoteLab Version 0.1.3 Changelog
* New: Added stroke smoothing through interpolation (see 1)
* New: Added full antialiasing support
* New: Created a new toolbar widget for the canvas toolbars
* New: Added support for SVGZ (compressed SVG) images (see 2)
* New: Added unit scaling (see 3)
* New: Added canvas locking (see 4)
* New: Added a status bar (see 5)
* New: Added the ability to mark command line arguments as deprecated
* New: Added a development debug menu

* Improvement: Greatly improved the speed for opening and saving NoteLab files
* Improvement: Greatly reduced native NoteLab file sizes (see 6)
* Improvement: Added a small gap between pages for better appearance

* Bug fix: Fixed a bug in which SVG code would not be properly written
* Bug fix: Fixed a bug in which the resizing/recoloring of strokes would not
be immediately displayed if the strokes were not on the first page
* Bug fix: Fixed a bug in which stroke resizing would incorrectly change the strokes width

1. The previous version of NoteLab used a special statistical technique to smooth strokes
drawn. The new version of NoteLab uses advanced interpolation techniques to smooth
strokes. This means that smoothed strokes look substantially better than in the
previous version of NoteLab.

2. SVGZ is the W3C standard for compressed SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image types.
If a session is exported as a SVGZ file, it will be substantially smaller than
a SVG file corresponding to the same session.

3. When NoteLab constructs a page, it uses the display properties of the computer to
make the page look approximately 8.5x11 inches on the screen. Unit scaling allows
the user to modify how NoteLab determines how many pixels on the screen correspond
to one inch or one centimeter.

That is with a unit scale factor of 0.5, a page would look approximately half as
large as a 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper when drawn on the screen.

4. Now when the canvas is being saved, printed, or exported it is momentarily locked
to avoid consistency problems between the current state of the canvas and the
state of the canvas saved, printed, or exported.

5. The new status bar describes if saving, printing, or exporting of the canvas was
successful or not.

6. By writing native NoteLab files in SVGZ instead of SVG format, the new native NoteLab
files are substantially smaller than their predecessors.

Posted by Dominic Kramer 2007-05-02

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