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NoteLab 0.1.2 Released

The NoteLab 0.1.2 release is a major release. The biggest improvements are stroke smoothing and cut/copy/paste functionality. However, there have been many improvements (see below).

NoteLab Version 0.1.2 Changelog
* New: Added stroke smoothing
* New: Added cut/copy/paste functionality
* New: Added select all and unselect all icons for un/selecting all strokes
* New: Added a show current page icon
* New: Added a safety feature to prevent accidentally overwriting existing documents
* New: Now canvas toolbars are scrollable
* New: Completely redesigned NoteLab's logo

* Improvement: Greatly improved the performance of undoing/redoing actions
* Improvement: Added support for dynamically calculating the memory used (see 1)
* Improvement: The current page is not highlighted unless in page selection mode (see 2)
* Improvement: Improved error messages when opening/saving files
* Improvement: Changed the drawing icon from the crosshair cursor to the default cursor
* Improvement: Internal code design improvements

* Bug fix: NoteLab files are now truly system independent (see 3)
* Bug fix: An internet connection is not needed to open NoteLab 0.1rc1 files (see 4)
* Bug fix: Documents are now not printed/exported with the current page highlighted
* Bug fix: JPEG images are now exported correctly
* Bug fix: Now pen widths change to reflect how much the user has zoomed in on the document.
* Bug fix: Now NoteLab displays the filename of newly opened files
* Bug fix: The NoteLab file loader now reads strokes completely (see 5)

1. Now when the memory settings graphical element is opened it determines and displays the
current memory usage.

2. Now the current page is not highlighted unless the user is in the page selection mode.
This greatly improves performance while in writing mode.

3. Now documents saved on one system but opened on another system adapt to the different
screen resolutions so that the saved document looks the same if opened on any system.

4. Previously NoteLab needed an internet connection to download the SVG specification.
Now NoteLab has a copy of this specification internally and thus an internet connection
is not needed.

5. There was a bug with the NoteLab file loader in which it would always ignore one of the
points at the start of a stroke. Now this bug has been fixed.

Posted by Dominic Kramer 2007-02-15

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