This error does not come from java-gnome. You should discuss that with a Gnome Split developer (aka me) elsewhere :)


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First of all let me state I am sorry if this turns into a double post, I am posting this from Windows as Gnome mail client in Linux says it sent the message but it turns out the “outbox” states “unsent”

So if it actually sent, I am deeply sorry for the double post.


I recently Downloaded gnome-split 0.9 and placed the code into eclipse. It threw errors so I brought in (via reference library) dbus and gnome-java-4.0.16 which was compiled from source.


This stopped all errors.

I wanted to rebuild with modifications, the Dbusinhibitor in org.gnome.split.dbus package I believe it is and so in a new project I placed gnome-java-4.0.16 and dbus as refrenced libraries and began away.

How ever I ran into an issue:


Org.gnome.SessionManager does not exist. It actually doesn’t.


What’s the issue?


Gnome-split-0.9 DOES NOT throw any errors when compiled and that dbus file I mentioned earlier uses org.gnome.SessionManager;


So why does Gnome-split not throw compiler issues?

How can I use gnome’s session manager?


This might be better suited at those familiar with gnome-split-0.9 source code.

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