help for a newbie please.

  • david collier

    david collier - 2011-07-26

    I have installed jautodoc, and it is working fine with Helios.

    I am getting to grips with using Doxygen. I am told that if I put a class name in a doxygen comment, it will automatically make it into a link to the info about that class.

    That's great, except that at the moment if I operate on

    void method( Spider spider , Fly fly )

    I generate

    * @param spider the spider
    * @param fly the fly

    What I think I'd like is

    * @param spider   a Spider -
    * @param fly           a Fly        -

    I don't know if the column alignment stuff is even vaguely possible, so that's optional.. I surely don't want any tabs anywhere near my source code :-)

    I have had a look at the velocity templates but I don't understand them. I have a feeling that the "parameter type" may not be easily accessible for me to add it, but my ignorance is such that I can't be sure.

    Can anyone point me at a tutorial which will show me how the templates work?

    Of course if anyone can quickly tell me how to edit the template to give me what I'd like that would be great too, but I'd like to be taught to fish, as much as be given a fish

  • Martin Kesting

    Martin Kesting - 2011-08-17

    Create a new parameter template.

    Name: MyDefault
    Pattern: (.+) +(.+)
    Example: Spider spider
    Target: Signature
    * @param ${e.g(2)} a ${e.g(1)}



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