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ARUI XML-code complete

ARUI now loads it's screen-layout form an XML-file that is part of the default-configuration of 2.3.182. Now work on scripting can start.

Posted by Suran 2002-03-03

ARUI has first code for XML-serialization

ARUI has experiemental code for serializing and de-serializing the current layout to/from XML
(it now needs a J2EE or a SAX-parser ) The XML-code will be needed to implement scripting and user-editing of the UI

Posted by Suran 2002-03-01

Release R2.0.1

2.3.180 was declared as Release 2.0.1 .
It fixes a number of small but important bugs.

Posted by Suran 2002-03-01

ARUI debugged and with Telephone

ARUI has been debuged heavily, being thread-safe, giving proper hints about being opaque or not (avoids flicker and stale buffer-copies), checking of package-versions requested in UIDescriptors and the Telephone-Service is the first one to have a special representation for AR-UI.

Posted by Suran 2002-02-24

stopping services

If you have trouble stopping localy started services, you should download the latest version of the services and the developement-version of the base-package. The bug is fixed and the new base-package is currently tested to become a new stable release 2.0.1

Posted by Suran 2002-02-24

ARUI 0.6 is _good_ looking

ARUI is now better debugged and much better looking with alpha-blending and semi-3D Windows.
I'll make screenshots one of these days.

Posted by Suran 2002-02-22

ARUI 0.5 got usable

ARUI is still very buggy and incomplete but theoretically we are at a point where it can be used. Expect more of it this weekend.

Posted by Suran 2002-02-21

JAugment Release 2.0

JAugment is a framework and set of initial applications of network-aware software for wearable-computers.

Celebrations are in order. Feature freeze is over.
We pulled of R2.0 and jAugment was never as stable and easy to install as it is now. See the changelog for the last changes done.

Posted by Suran 2002-02-18

last changes to installer

These are supposed to be the last changes to the installer prior to Release 2.0. I'll test them and if everything wortks out there on all machines I'll release R2.0(.0)

We can select package-selections like "Hacker" or "Manager" with services such a person is likely to need and the Mozilla-config of a Windows-computer should be parsable.

Posted by Suran 2002-02-16

german translation complete

The german translation of the online-help ans localization-files is done. finally. :)

Posted by Suran 2002-02-14


The first code for the upcomming AR-UI has been entered into the CVS-tree.

Posted by Suran 2002-02-10

R2.0pre0 released

Version 2.3.165 was released as the first pre of the Stable R2.0 . Please report any bug you may still encounter.

Posted by Suran 2002-02-02

cleaned up roadmap

I just cleaned up the roadmap and FAQ pages to reflect the current status of the project.
Go, have a look!

Posted by Suran 2002-01-24

scheduler complete

VCal-support is now working
and all basic features of the scheduler are there.
A few minor cleanups still need to be done.

Posted by Suran 2002-01-22

started implementing VCAL-support

The scheduler is well on it's way to make VCAL it's native file-format. This way it will be hardened against changes in the class-files (wich are now just serialized) and has an open exchange-format with all other calendar-products.

Posted by Suran 2002-01-15

offline-mail works

Well, the mail-client works offline and caches mail localy. There were also a huge number of bug-fixes.
Although there is at least one bug left (with very large folders ge does not get all the messages) but you can regard the mail-client as a working tool for everyday-work.

Posted by Suran 2002-01-15

Photo-service works

Finally the photo-service not only
makes photos but correctly saves them
as jpeg-images.
The next step will be to export it's
functionality and use it i.a.
in the scheduler to atach snapshots
to notes.

Posted by Suran 2001-11-20


We now have an experimental debian-package.
Please report any problems with it, it would
be very helpfull.

Posted by Suran 2001-11-14


The battery-service just got support for ACPI and
multiple batteries.

Posted by Suran 2001-11-11

scheduler nearly usable

The scheduler still has a few bugs and
2 missing widgets but is basically a few
hours away from being usable.

Posted by Suran 2001-11-04

JDK1.4 and windows fixes

Everything except wap, charred and vncclient
(because they use a feature no longer existing in 1.4) compiles cleanly under JDK1.4 now and
we (again) fixed some anoying Windows-bugs
to get base to compile under Windows. The line-feed-bug has reappeared but that is just a matter of time.

Posted by Suran 2001-10-21

debugged proxy-creation

The automatic proxy-creation
has been fixed and works with
all services reliably now.
It you encountered problems
starting or using a sercvice,
try again with this version of

Posted by Suran 2001-10-21

proxies created by white magic

Now finally creating the proxies in
VerySimpleService autimatically w/o
using javac but ByteCode does work.
It still needs more testing and I'm
gratefull for any bug-reports but
at least it works at all and improves
startup-time and memory-usage manyfold.

Posted by Suran 2001-10-16


If you had problems building jaugment before as
you could not find buildme or ant.
This is now fixed, together with some others

Posted by Suran 2001-10-03

CVS done

finally all sub-projects are in the CVS.
Feel free to use it. The tar-balls will
not stop because of this and they will stay
up-to-date with the latest working version.

Posted by Suran 2001-10-03

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