Release Notes - JasperStarter - Version 2.0.0

The command line syntax has changed in this release!
input is now an argument and the format of report parameters has changed.
Specifying the parameter type is no longer necessary. The type is determined
from the report and it is no longer possible to provide a non existent
The major new feature is support for csv files as a datasource.

** Bug
* [JAS-37] - The artifact org.apache.commons:commons-io:jar:1.3.2 has been
relocated to commons-io:commons-io:jar:1.3.2
* [JAS-41] - Command "jasperstarter params" gives no useful result if param
has no description

* [JAS-15] - Report parameters should be handled in a more generic way
* [JAS-42] - Accept
as positional argument instead of an option

** New Feature
* [JAS-30] - CSV as a datasource for Jasperstarter

** Task
* [JAS-23] - create unit test
* [JAS-24] - create example reports
* [JAS-34] - site translation de for release 2.0
* [JAS-35] - site translation cz for release 2.0
* [JAS-38] - Update build dependencies
* [JAS-39] - Include JasperReports 5.2.0