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JasperSoft Webinar Update

JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite: Reporting, OLAP, and ETL with Release 2


The JasperSoft Business Intelligence Suite is the world's most popular open source Business Intelligence (BI) solution, based on the world's most popular open source reporting, OLAP, and ETL engines. JasperSoft meets the complete range of BI requirements, including production reporting, interactive reporting, slice & dice data analysis, and integration of data from multiple sources into operational data stores, data marts, and data warehouses for reporting and analysis. Release 2 of the suite extends the reach even further with new products, new features, support for new platforms, and new localized versions. Learn about the end-to-end capabilities of the suite, and what's new in release 2.

This webinar is for IT and software professionals that need to embed BI capabilities into existing applications, and for enterprise users that need to deploy stand-alone self-service BI capabilities using an affordable, subscription based alternative to traditional high-priced BI products.

Date: Thursday, June 28, 2007
Time: 10:00 AM PDT (GMT -07:00, San Francisco)
Duration: 1 hour

Posted by tcloonan 2007-06-19

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