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JasperReports 4.7.1 released

JasperReports Library 4.7.1 Change Log

  • improved performance for the newly introduced Javascript report compiler;

  • configuration properties to control table component interactive features;

  • minor bug fixes and improvements;

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2012-09-23

JasperReports 4.7.0 released

JasperReports Library 4.7.0 Change Log

  • improved rendering performance for the table component;

  • enhanced interactive report viewer APIs;

  • new "net.sf.jasperreports.export.pdf.size.page.to.content" export configuration property added
    to allow for variable page size in PDF documents, by adapting page size to page content size;

  • better control over memory footprint in large XLSX exports, by allowing the temporary files buffer size
    to be configured locally through report custom properties;... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2012-07-25

JasperReports 4.6.0 released

JasperReports Library 4.6.0 Change Log

  • improved JasperReports configuration infrastructure by the introduction of a JasperReportsContext,
    an new interface from where JR configuration properties are read and JR extensions are loaded.
    This allows different configurations of the JR engine to exist simultaneously in the same JVM;

  • improved JasperReports Web Framework which now features a centralized controller to dispatch
    actions triggered by end user interactions in the report viewer. Actions are backed by atomized
    commands that modify the report metadata on-the-fly, with support for undo/redo operations,
    to reflect changes in the report output;... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2012-05-21

JasperReports 4.5.1 released

JasperReports 4.5.1 Change Log

  • the JSON data source and the respective JSON query executer were moved
    from the samples folder to the core library;

  • support for macros added in XLS and XSLX exporters;

  • the repository APIs were enhanced with support for pluggable persistence
    services to load and store resources in the repository;

  • the "net.sf.jasperreports.export.pdf.force.linebreak.policy" configuration
    property is un-deprecated, as a partial revert of the changes made in 4.1.1 with
    regards to PDF text rendering; These changes were partially reverted as they affected
    the performance of the PDF exporter when dealing with simple texts. The AWT-based text
    rendering is now performed only on complex text fields that contain tab characters
    for tab stop alignment or contain multiple paragraphs, with variable paragraph styling.... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2012-03-05

JasperReports 4.5.0 released

JasperReports 4.5.0 Change Log

  • border and padding style properties added to crosstab elements;

  • optimized text measurement for short and simple texts, to speed up report filling process;

  • new "net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.use.timezone" export configuration property added to force translation of date values during XLS export, to the timezone used to fill the report;... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2011-12-06

JasperReports 4.1.3 released

JasperReports 4.1.3 Change Log

  • new XLS/XLSX export configuration properties added for advanced features including auto-filter, row outline collapse/expand grouping and custom column width;

  • enhanced support for interactive sorting and filtering, with more filter criteria available depending on column data type and possibility to sort and filter on multiple columns at the same time; ... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2011-10-28

JasperReports 4.1.2 released

JasperReports 4.1.2 Change Log

  • support for PDF/A compliance added to the PDF exporter;

  • new sort/filter custom component added to allow non-table component reports to leverage
    the interactive sorting and filtering feature when deployed inside the JR Web Framework;

  • minor bug fixes and improvements;

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2011-09-12

JasperReports 4.1.1 released

JasperReports 4.1.1 Change Log

  • deprecated code for JRReportFont, JRBox, graphic element pen property and all deprecated byte-based properties were removed from the library's API;

  • the whole JR source code was overhauled to make use of Java5-style Generics;

  • value class property is now deprecated in expression objects; the type of expression no longer needs to be specified;... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2011-08-11

JasperReports 4.0.2 released

JasperReports 4.0.2 Change Log

  • improved XHTML exporter to bring it at feature parity with the former HTML exporter;

  • initial support for paragraph styling including: indentation, spacing and tab stops;

  • new values available for line spacing type: AtLeast, Fixed and Proportional;

  • added support for tab characters inside text elements based on newly introduced tab stop concept;

  • new /demo/samples/paragraphs sample added to demonstrate paragraph styling features;

  • minor bug fixes and improvements;

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2011-04-19

JasperReports 4.0.1 released

JasperReports 4.0.1 Change Log


  • new Xalan-based and Jaxen-based XPath query executer namespace aware

implementations added;

  • new functions EQUAL, NOTEQUAL, LESS, GREATER and BETWEEN are now available

for the $X{} syntax in dynamic SQL queries;

  • new XSL query executer implementation added;

  • support for multiple hyperlinks embedded into styled/markup text;

  • improved image quality in the XLS exporters;... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2011-02-28

JasperReports 4.0.0 released

JasperReports 4.0.0 Change Log


  • new CSV query executer added to simplify to allow configuring CSV data sources from within report templates

using built-in paramters and config properties;

  • new CSV metadata exporter added to better control the CSV export by marking columns in the report template

using custom properties;

  • new chapters in the Sample Reference documentation have beed completed ... read more
Posted by Teodor Danciu 2011-01-10

JasperReports 3.7.6. released

JasperReports 3.7.6 Change Log

  • enhancing the XLSX exporter so that it supports more exporter parameters
    and configuration properties from the ones shared by all the XLS exporters;

  • various fixes in the XLS exporters;

  • added support for hidden text in the DOCX exporter;

  • new chapters added to the Sample Reference documentation;

  • minor bug fixes and improvements;

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2010-10-27

JasperReports 3.7.5 released

JasperReports 3.7.5 Change Log


  • support for dynamic sorting which includes sorting on dataset variables

(in addition to data source fields) and build in SORT_FIELDS parameter

to control sorting criteria at runtime;

  • new „columnDirection” attribute at report level to allow filling

multi-column reports from right to left;

  • various XLS/XLSX export enhancements which include controlling the ... read more
Posted by Teodor Danciu 2010-09-22

JasperReports 3.7.4 released

JasperReports 3.7.4 Change Log


  • new spider/radar chart added as custom component;

  • the scope of the "frames as nested tables" configuration properties was extended

to frame element level;

  • new entries added to Sample Reference documentation;

  • minor bug fixes and improvements;

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2010-07-20

JasperReports 3.7.3 released

JasperReports 3.7.3 Change Log


  • support for images and hyperlinks added to the XLSX exporter;

  • support for line spacing and hyperlinks added to the PPTX exporter;

  • support for hyperlinks and local anchors in the POI-based XLS exporter;

  • minor bug fixes and improvements;

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2010-06-01

JasperReports 3.7.2 released

JasperReports 3.7.2 Change Log


  • new table component added to simplify designing tables with variable number of columns;

  • new PPTX exporter added to the core library to help creating PowerPoint 2007 documents

based on the Office Open XML format;

  • upgrade to Java 5.0; starting with this release, JasperReports is no longer compatible

with Java 1.4 and makes use of newer language features such as generics and typed enums;... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2010-04-12

JasperReports 3.7.1 released

JasperReports 3.7.1 Change Log

  • new JRHtmlExporterParameter.ZOOM_RATIO exporter added to allow scaling the content generated
    by the HTML and the XHTML/CSS exporters;

  • upgrade to POI 3.5 and iText 2.1.7;

  • the custom Ant task for batch updating report template files was moved from community project
    to core library;

  • new custom Ant task for decompiling report templates; it allows regenerating the source JRXML
    files from compiled report templates files.... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2010-02-01

JasperReports 3.7.0 released

JasperReports 3.7.0 Change Log

  • generic element export handler support was added to all built-in exporters;

  • fixes were made in the text exporter and new configuration properties were added
    to help configure the text exporter globally, or at report level;

  • custom property "net.sf.jasperreports.export.html.id" added at element level
    to allow specifying the ID attribute for elements when exported to HTML and XHTML/CSS format;... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2009-12-08

JasperReports 3.6.2 released

JasperReports 3.6.2 Change Log

  • new "footerPosition" attribute added to report groups to control the rendering
    position of the group footer sections;

  • new "keepTogether" boolean flag added to report groups to prevent groups from
    splitting accross two pages or columns, but only on their first break attempt;

  • new <orderByExpression> tag added to crosstab group definitions to allow
    sorting the crosstab by measure totals;... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2009-11-23

JasperReports 3.6.1 released

JasperReports 3.6.1 Change Log

  • enhanced font extension support to allow mapping JVM available fonts
    with PDF built-in fonts;

  • exporter font mapping support added to font extensions, which deprecates
    the former FONT_MAP exporter parameter;

  • net.sf.jasperreports.awt.ignore.missing.font configuration property added
    to control font availability verifications during report filling and report
    AWT rendering;... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2009-10-26

JasperReports 3.6.0 released

JasperReports 3.6.0 Change Log

  • upgrading the JasperReports license to Version 3 of the
    GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.txt);

  • fixed JRXlsExporter to avoid creating invalid XLS files for large reports
    (tracker #0004014);

  • fixed JRRtfExporter font table section (tracker #0004169);

  • fixed hyperlink encoding in JRDocxExporter (tracker #0004252);... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2009-08-31

JasperReports 3.5.3 released

JasperReports 3.5.3 Change Log

  • new DOCX exporter added to the core library to help creating Word 2007 documents
    based on the Office Open XML format;

  • new XLSX exporter provided as a separate sample to those who want to make use of
    the XLSX (Excel 2007) generating capabilities of POI 3.5 Beta;

  • new XHTML/CSS exporter added to core library to avoid the grid exporter limitations
    of the classic HTML exporter;... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2009-07-29

JasperReports 3.5.2 released

JasperReports 3.5.2 Change Log

  • the report detail, the group headers and the group footers are now
    multi-band sections, meaning that their content can be distributed into
    several bands, having similar rendering behavior;

  • new "splitType" attribute available at band level, to control the band
    breaking policy; this new attribute deprecates the "isSplitAllowed" attribute;... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2009-06-03

JasperReports 3.5.1 released

JasperReports 3.5.1 Change Log

  • list component added to simplify iteration through datasets
    without using a subreport;

  • support for generic element PDF handlers to allow customizing
    PDF output using generic elements;

  • the report template structure and syntax (JRXML) are now fully
    documented using the comments from the source XSD file to produce
    a complete and up-to-date HTML schema reference;... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2009-05-04

JasperReports 3.5.0 released

JasperReports 3.5.0 Change Log

  • new min/max expressions available for controlling the displayed values
    interval for both chart axis;

  • the pie dataset now supports multiple series; this is useful in cases where
    multiple categories are added to the pie dataset in one incrementation step;

  • new attributes and expressions where added to the pie dataset to allow limiting
    the number of slices displayed in the pie chart by grouping smaller slices under
    a single generic slice called "Other";... read more

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2009-03-25