JasperReports 5.5.0 released

JasperReports Library 5.5.0 Change Log

  • improved JasperReports Web Framework containing embeddable report viewer APIs.
    It introduces a separation between the report's HTML output and its interactivity-related
    metadata (new JSON exporter) and support for dynamically loaded Javascript modules through RequireJS.
    The new APIs simplify interactive report viewer adoption and its customization while giving
    new opportunities for creation of interactive custom components;

  • interactive table component formatting capabilities extended to allow basic formatting and
    conditional formatting of all table sections including group headers and footers;

  • interactive sorting introduced to the crosstab element, where crosstab data can be sorted interactively
    by row group values and/or measure values, when report is viewed with an interactive report viewer;

  • support for Web fonts in the HTML exporter by enhancing JasperReports font extension configuration
    to allow specifying font files in EOT, SVG and WOFF format. When specified, font files are delivered
    to the browser by dynamically created CSS containing @font-face declarations;

  • enhanced Google Map component with support for marker properties and support for paths and polygons;

  • minor bug fixes and improvements;

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2013-10-24

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