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JasperReports 5.1.2 released

JasperReports Library 5.1.2 Change Log

  • support for custom functions in report expressions;
    this includes support for expression functions in the JDT, Groovy and Javascript
    report compilers and excludes the JDK-based report compilers, for which static imports
    would be needed in the report template;

  • custom serialization for virtualizers, to improve performance of large reports;

  • print text element optimizations to lower memory consumption and speed up processing;

  • refactored grid layout algorithms for grid-based exporters, to lower memory consumption;

  • caching of dynamic style properties and of transferable element level properties
    for improved report filling performance;

  • secrets storage extension point added to allow pluging custom mechanisms for storing
    passwords for data adapters and other secret information;

  • minor bug fixes and improvements;

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2013-06-08

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