JasperReports 4.1.1 released

JasperReports 4.1.1 Change Log

  • deprecated code for JRReportFont, JRBox, graphic element pen property and all deprecated byte-based properties were removed from the library's API;

  • the whole JR source code was overhauled to make use of Java5-style Generics;

  • value class property is now deprecated in expression objects; the type of expression no longer needs to be specified;

  • the library's API was extented with a new repository API, which is used now throughout the reporting engine to locate report resources such as images, fonts, subreports, etc;

  • new parameter contributor interface was added to the engine to allow parameter manipulation prior to query execution; parameter ontributors can be plugged in as extensions;

  • new data adapter concept was added to the library's API to allow the reporting engine to connect to data directly, without the parent application providing the data the source nor the query executer parameters, at report fill time;

  • new report executing servlet was added as part of a larger Web framework that is now available in the library's core API, to simplify deployment of JR inside Web applications and achieve higher degree of interactivity for reports; details about how this new Web framework can be used can be seen in the new /demo/samples/webapp-repo sample, which also makes use of the newly introduced repository API, to locate the report templates and their additional resources;

  • the table component was enhanced so that it is more interactive by default, when the reports are deployed in an application that makes use of the above mentioned Web framework; by default, table columns are sortable, while text columns are filtrable using a simple "contains" filter criteria; this can be seen in the TableReport deployed in the /demo/samples/webapp-repo sample;

  • new map component added to the core library to simplify rendering of Google maps inside reports;

  • new XLS metadata exporter added, similar to the CSV metadata exporter in which columns that need to be exported have to be marked-up using configuration properties at text element level;

  • new XLSX data source and query executer added; details about how it works are found in the new /demo/samples/xlsxdatasource sample;

  • pattern expression added to text fields elements to allow for more flexible dates and numbers formatting;

  • custom property "net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.pattern" is now available to control cell formatting patterns in XLS/XLSX exporters;

  • new custom properties are available in XLS/XLSX exporters to freeze panes;

  • new "net.sf.jasperreports.image.dpi" custom property added to allow specifying the image resolution in dots-per-inch, for the images created by the engine when rasterizing SVGs or when clipping other image renderers;

  • the "net.sf.jasperreports.export.pdf.force.linebreak.policy" configuration property is now deprecated as the PDF text rendering code was refactored so that text is rendered exactly like in AWT;

  • minor bug fixes and improvements;

Posted by Teodor Danciu 2011-08-11

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