Dear Giulio
I am new in Jasperreport/iReport. Could you give me more detail tips?

Giulio Toffoli <> wrote:

The common colution is create a scriptlet to collect row data and use the collected data to generate the chart on the fly.
iReport provides a layer of abstraction to make this easy, but you can write you own code.


Kailasam, Karuppaiah wrote:

Yes, JFreeChart example is hard coded but you can easily change to get value from report.


What do you mean by each row of data in the report?

Are you expecting to see a chart per row?


If the answer is YES, why donít you create a sub report?


Hope this helps




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To: Patrick Burleson;
Subject: Re: [jasperreports-questions] Using charts


Hi Patrick and all

It is interesting to me too. Please share with me the outcome of your initiative.



Patrick Burleson <> wrote:

Hello there,

I was looking at the JFreeChart example and noticed the chart data was
hard coded. I was wondering if my entire report is just a chart, how
can I access each row of data and add it to the chart and then at the
end display the chart?

Basically, what's the callback for dealing with each row of the data
in the report, and then at the end, just display the chart?


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