#10 Parametrized report not rendered when nested inside UIData

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Report's parameters (and attributes) are not being correctly evaluated when rendering reports which are nested inside a javax.faces.component.UIData component. This issue may affect also to parametrized dataSources nested inside UIData components.


  • Alonso Dominguez

    Any other components with similar behavior than the javax.faces.component.UIData will behave in a similar way. The code fix should invoke rendering using 'invokeOnComponent' and ContextCallback features found in JSF 1.2.

    For this features to work correctly, a Faces' view (UIViewRoot) must be restored using previous view state before invoking the rendering callback.

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    Anonymous - 2010-10-06

    Hello! When it will be implemented? I want to use this library and this bug is really critical.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Alonso Dominguez

    You can have early access to the implementation of "a possible solution" at project's subversion repository. That implies to compile the source code but there are dependencies with other projects that may cause you troubles. Some instructions to build it can be found at this forum thread: https://sourceforge.net/projects/jasperreportjsf/forums/forum/764229/topic/3705092.

    However I must inform that the solution to this bug forced me to completely change the plugin's lifecycle (and break the compatibility with previous beta versions).

    In the other hand, the library was lacking more unit testing (completely absent in previous versions) and now I will not release until unit testing reaches a 70% of code coverage. This unit testing phase is pointing me to make some other changes in the JSF components with the purpose to resolve other bugs. There are also some minnor changes to provide some features requested by users.

    - A solution to the bug has been found but it's not fully tested.
    - You can get a version that can compile and you may use it but you will need to follow the build instructions found at that forum thread.
    - You will need also to build the docs (command: mvn site) because there are big changes in the library that affect the way users should consume the components.
    - Please, give any kind of feedback about your progress at this issue ticket or at SourceForge's forums.

    P.S.: Currently I'm very very busy with my job and since this project is unpaid effort I can't give users the support I would like (project is not covered by any SLA). There is an open position (https://sourceforge.net/people/viewjob.php?group_id=212447&job_id=35338) in the project for every one (with enough skills) who would like to contribute.

    Regards, Alonso

  • Alonso Dominguez

    New lifecycle implemented and tested in version 1.0-beta-4


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