Kurt Reinke - 2009-05-03


I just started using Jase and so far it looks like a very excellent, lightweight HTML editor ... just what I was looking for!  There are two things I wanted to ask, however, one a problem I'm having and another just a question.  First thing is that I want you to know that I'm on Vista. 

    o  When I use Help on any of the .chm files, I get the left hand panel to display, but the right hand panel contains the message "Navigation to the web poage was cancelled".  Is there som additional set up that is required in Vista to get this to work (this is probably a dumb question, so I apoligize if that is the case)

    o  The second has to do with Tidy ... can you provide your own options to your launch of Tidy.  I like to do certain things, and your launch only provide a small set of them