Jaris FLV Player v2.0.15 Beta

Jaris FLV Player is gpl or lgpl player that supports: rtmp, h.264, mp3, pseudo streaming and youtube playback. You can put your own logo and use it commercially and much more. Here is the list of changes for this release:

* New player controls

* New flashvar controltype (0=old, 1=new) to indicate the which controls to use

* New flashvar controlsize for new controls only

* New flashvar seekcolor for new controls only

* New flashvar buffertime to change the default 10 seconds buffer time for local/pseudo streaming

* Bugfix on loader bar

* All this changes thanks to Istvan Petres from http://jcore.net

To know more about Jaris FLV Player visit http://jarisflvplayer.org or head straight to the downloads https://sourceforge.net/projects/jaris/files

Posted by JGM 2011-08-27

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