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Slow and Steady

This is a big project, and I have little time. However, I'm still plugging away at it as I have time. The most likely places to find new on what I'm working on are at http://genedavis.com or at http://genedavis.com/articles/

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2014-11-18

Basic look

I have posted a compiled view of Jangband to the home page. So far it only has the help commands and some pretty pics, and an incomplete working menu.

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2013-06-15


Everyone is moving to web applications these days. I've been investigating GWT for use with Jangand. The project would still be written in Java, but compilation down to javascript would make it available to casual web surfers.

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2013-06-02

original source posted

I have posted the zangband source that I am working from to create Jangband on the http://www.jangband.org/

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2009-06-15

status update

I unexpectedly was asked to write a Java programming book under a tight deadline. My intention is to get back to working on Jangband early in 2010.

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2009-06-15

Jangband 0.0.4 Released

Just release a new version of Jangband. Additions include more JPanel work in the character creation area.

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2008-01-20

Jangband 0.0.3 Released

The JFrames are all stubbed out in this release. The JMenuBar in the MainFrame has more working MenuItems. All of the Internal Frames are stubbed out too.

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2006-12-21

Frames Stubbed Out

I believe I've stubbed out most if not all windows that will be in the first version of Jangband. I've checked all that code into svn. I'm hoping to have all frame mocked up with images or components by Christmas.

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2006-12-21

version 0.0.2 released

This version adds a working close button in the splash/about screen. A main window comes up now after a click of new game or open game. Also the menu bar and items have been introduced. Also the about menu item works now.

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2006-12-20

First version released

This is version 0.0.1. It doesn't do much. Just mostly a splash screen, credits, and license at this point.

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2006-12-16

Design in progress

I am currently untangling the Zangband code so that basic design can begin on the Jangband code. I want to keep the same or similar algorithms as Angband and Zangband so that the flavor of the game is not lost.

Keep checking back!


Posted by T. Gene Davis 2006-10-14

Splash Screen Prize Awarded

The winner is ... **drum roll** .... Gayla Drummond of http://chicksinchainmail.com. See the website http://www.jangband.org/ to see what the splash screen will loook like!

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2006-08-19

SVN Up and Running

The initial code has been saved to SVN. It doesn't do anything worth seeing yet, though. Don't let that stop you from downloading and building it? Enjoy!

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2006-04-10

Version Control Chosen

Our version control system has been chosen. It will be Subversion. Look for the first files to be on sourceforge in the coming weeks!

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2006-04-02

$200 Prize for Splash Screen

The first Jangband Art Contest has begun. Gene Davis Software has donate $200 (US) for a prize. The object is to come up with a kick but Splash Screen for the Jangband program. The winning image will also be open sourced. The deadline is June 30, 2006. See http://www.jangband.org/art_contest.html for details.

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2006-03-19


www.jangband.org is officially up and running. Not much exciting there yet. Check it out!

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2006-03-12

Here we go!

I've been contemplating this project for years. I'm finally insane enough to start it. Spring break has come so let's do something exciting ... at home in front of the computer!

Posted by T. Gene Davis 2006-03-10

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