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[r4311] by pitpalme

* Merge trunk back to branch.

2013-03-08 22:07:43 Tree
[r4310] by wrh2

* Merge changes from the 1.3.x branch to trunk.

2013-03-08 05:24:50 Tree
[r4309] by wrh2

* Add Peter Palmreuther (pitpalme) to CREDITS and CHANGELOG.

2013-03-08 05:20:45 Tree
[r4308] by wrh2

* Backport changes from the pitpalme branch via trunk to 1.3.x. Changes
from Peter Palmreuther (pitpalme)

2013-03-08 05:06:14 Tree
[r4307] by wrh2

* Merge changes from the pitpalme branch to trunk. Changes from
Peter Palmreuther (pitpalme)

2013-03-08 05:03:01 Tree
[r4306] by pitpalme

Cleanup: Useless variable assignment fixed.

Three variables have been assigned to itself, while all surrounding
assignments looked like copying from input in a copy-c'tor. Fixed.

2013-03-07 06:48:43 Tree
[r4305] by pitpalme

Cleanup: Database connection and resource release

Setting variable to null within a helper method doesn't affect anything,
as it's only a reference located on the stack that is nulled.
It's been invalidated nevertheless immediately after the method is left.

Instead 'null' the reference where the object has initially been

2013-03-07 06:48:19 Tree
[r4304] by pitpalme

Cleanup: Test data corrected

MediaWiki Export test data xml was not schema valid.
Inserted '<sha1/>' element to fix this. No clue (yet), how to calculate
correct SHA1 value. But (Eclipse) schema validation at least accepts
test files. JUnit tests yet run without problems, so it sems it's not
taken into account (yet).

Fixes JAMWIKI-113

2013-03-06 20:51:11 Tree
[r4303] by pitpalme

Refined some German translation

2013-03-06 20:42:30 Tree
[r4302] by pitpalme

Made file reading UTF-8 BOM safe

Changed ResourceUtil to make use of commons-io BOMInputStream for
reading files, so leading byte-order-marks are correctly filtered from
returned String.

To do this commons-io FileUtils.readFileToString is skipped and it's
direct usage of IOUtils is mimicked for wrapping files InputStream by

Additionally differentiation between existing files and ClassPath
resource files when reading contents is removed.

2013-03-06 20:27:09 Tree
[r4301] by pitpalme

Create personal branch for patch review

2013-03-05 18:44:08 Tree
[r4300] by wrh2

* The spam filter code is only ever used in servlets, so move it out of
jamwiki-core and into jamwiki-web.

2013-02-27 05:47:19 Tree
[r4299] by wrh2

* The diff code is only ever used for display purposes, so move it out
of jamwiki-core and into jamwiki-web.

2013-02-27 05:36:08 Tree
[r4298] by wrh2

* Move some methods used only by the parser out of Utilities and into

2013-02-27 04:32:05 Tree
[r4297] by wrh2

* Upgrade to slf4j 1.7.2.

2013-02-27 03:41:51 Tree
[r4296] by wrh2

* Remove deprecated TiddlyWiki importer. Code is unmaintained and has not
been updated since 2007.

2013-02-27 03:22:15 Tree
[r4295] by wrh2

* Delete branches that haven't seen activity since 2009 or that are in
my own workspace.

2013-02-27 02:39:12 Tree
[r4294] by wrh2

* Upgrade to Spring Framework 3.2.1.RELEASE.

2013-02-26 02:53:33 Tree
[r4293] by wrh2

* Merge changes from the 1.3.x branch to trunk.

2013-02-24 00:10:45 Tree
[r4292] by wrh2

Translation Updates:
* Updated Russian translations (shar).

2013-02-24 00:04:30 Tree
[r4291] by wrh2

* Remove unneeded 403.jsp page, which contained an invalid constant that
caused warnings in Eclipse. Reported by Thomas Koch.

2013-02-24 00:00:34 Tree
[r4290] by wrh2

* Fix missing "editors" element in jamwiki-configuration-1.3.xsd. Reported
and fixed by Thomas Koch.

2013-02-23 23:44:46 Tree
[r4289] by wrh2

Bump the version number to 1.3.1.

2013-02-23 23:43:03 Tree
[r4288] by wrh2

* Move the upgrade code out of the servlet and into a utility class to
create a cleaner separation of upgrade functionality vs. servlet

2013-02-18 05:58:26 Tree
[r4287] by wrh2

* Upgrade to commons-io-2.4.

2013-02-17 20:45:37 Tree
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