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[r3260] by wrh2

Topic Names:
* Convert all Special: pages to use proper camel case, and create redirects
for the non-camel case versions. Reported by Michael Osipov.

2010-11-11 04:43:54 Tree
[r3259] by wrh2

* Upgrade to Spring Security 3.0.5.RELEASE.
* Upgrade to Spring Security 3.0.4.RELEASE.

2010-11-11 02:23:57 Tree
[r3258] by wrh2

Bump the version number to 0.9.4.

2010-11-06 21:45:53 Tree
[r3257] by wrh2

* Add the initial Javascript and configuration for a WYSIWYG editor.
Note that this doesn't yet work - more to come.

2010-10-30 19:20:13 Tree
[r3256] by wrh2

* Fix an "unchecked cast" warning.

2010-10-30 16:48:06 Tree
[r3255] by wrh2

* Upgrade to commons-io-2.0.

2010-10-30 05:45:49 Tree
[r3254] by wrh2

Tag the 0.9.3 release.

2010-10-17 16:35:50 Tree
[r3253] by wrh2

* Merge changes from trunk to the wrh2 branch.

2010-10-13 04:56:22 Tree
[r3252] by wrh2

* Merge changes from the 0.9.x branch to trunk.

2010-10-12 04:18:55 Tree
[r3251] by wrh2

* The {{DISPLAYTITLE}} magic word should affect page title during editing
and preview. Reported by an anonymous user.

2010-10-12 04:04:08 Tree
[r3250] by wrh2

* When processing topics with case-insensitive names, first check for an
exact-case match before looking for a case-insensitive match.

2010-10-11 02:29:44 Tree
[r3249] by wrh2

* Merge changes from the 0.9.x branch to trunk.

2010-10-10 17:13:23 Tree
[r3248] by wrh2

* Fix incorrect credit - "Ivan" should be "Igor".

2010-10-10 16:50:48 Tree
[r3247] by wrh2

* Setting the default file upload properties could cause initialization
failures in cases where JAMWiki was deployed without the JAMWiki WAR, such
as on the Liferay server. Reported with proposed fixes by Ivan.

2010-10-10 01:43:55 Tree
[r3246] by wrh2

* Fix parsing of virtual wiki links of the form "[[vwiki:Category:Topic]]".

2010-10-06 05:34:35 Tree
[r3245] by wrh2

* Templates and signatures should be expanded when using wiki preformatted
sytnax (" ~~~~") but not when using HTML preformatted syntax

2010-10-04 00:43:41 Tree
[r3244] by wrh2

* Fix parsing of category when the category name is a template parameter
such as "[[Category: {{{1}}}]]".
* This commit actually makes a significant parser change by splitting
JFlexPreProcessor into two pieces, adding a new JFlexTemplateProcessor,
although performance issues should be partially offset by a change to
prevent some unnecessary parser evaluations.

2010-10-02 05:05:10 Tree
[r3243] by wrh2

* Persist configuration information to a new jam_configuration table in
addition to the file. This table will be used in future

2010-09-29 06:28:33 Tree
[r3242] by wrh2

* Virtual wiki links of the form "[[:virtualwiki:]]" should link to the root
page of the virtual wiki.
* Update the text displayed for interwiki links of the form "[[:wikipedia:]]"
to match Mediawiki.

2010-09-29 00:45:38 Tree
[r3241] by wrh2

* Add dprekker to CREDITS.
* Update CHANGELOG to include Caché changes.
* Restore JDK 1.5 dependencies.
* Fix a compile error due to Jetty version.

2010-09-28 03:20:09 Tree
[r3240] by wrh2

* Merge changes from the dprekker branch to trunk.

2010-09-28 03:17:33 Tree
[r3239] by wrh2

* Merge changes from the 0.9.x branch to trunk.

2010-09-25 21:20:57 Tree
[r3238] by wrh2

* Retrieval of the default file upload directory could fail on some systems,
causing property file initialization failure and preventing the application
server from starting. Reported by Ivan.
* This commit removes the static initializer and adds a catch for Throwable
to the default directory retrieval code.

2010-09-25 20:58:06 Tree
[r3237] by dprekker

added for Caché integration

2010-09-25 13:06:53 Tree
[r3236] by dprekker

added a build tag for the maven compiler plugin to avoid generics compile error message. Also added version numbers to avoid warnings in eclipse. Not sure if any of these changes are really required or desirable.

2010-09-25 13:04:06 Tree
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