JAMWiki 1.3 Released

Eleven months after the last major JAMWiki release, the rosy-cheeked JAMWiki 1.3 release (code name "Reuben") is now available for download from SourceForge. This release is a major release that contains significant new features as well as bug fixes and enhancements including:

* User preference updates. Users can now customize date formats and time zone. Tools for administering the default date and time zone formats for the wiki have also been improved.
* Wiki user group management. The administrative UI for managing user groups has been updated to allow creation of new groups and the ability to assign users to those groups.
* Email-based password reset. It is now possible for wiki users to automatically reset their password via email. This feature is turned off by default but can be enabled via the Special:Admin tools.
* More. An array of translation updates, bug fixes, performance enhancements, and cleanups.

See http://jamwiki.org/wiki/en/JAMWiki_1.3, as well as the CHANGELOG.txt and README.txt files included in the JAMWiki distribution, for further details. Please provide feedback on the http://jamwiki.org/wiki/en/Feedback page and report any bugs at http://jira.jamwiki.org.

JAMWiki is a wiki engine implemented using Java that provides much of the functionality of MediaWiki. It can be run with or without a database and is designed to be fast and easy to set up.

Posted by Ryan Holliday 2013-02-13

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