Hi JamWiki Team,
I came across your solution in java-source, it suits our needs, we are evaluating it in our organisation. First of all thanks for your efforts.

I have a question,
We have a regular mailing lists in our organisation, I am looking for a way to read those emails and update JAMwiki automatically, to make our search easier (else we need to keep those emails in our inbox). Hence do you provide any APIs for this? Or if it simpler, I can write the code and share it with you so that this feature can be involved to any generic mail servers.

Another question,
I dont find the search is efficient. If I search with a string which is part of any story - that is not giving me sufficient results. Is it something I am doing wrong. Whats the best way for searching. I need all the stories/articles that contains the word, being searched.

Thank you once again.

Pandian R
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