Hi JAMWiki-developers,

I was hoping you may be able to help. I'm working on a MSc. thesis and am looking to distinguish java Open Source Test-First/Test-Driven Development and Test-Last projects for a research experiment.

To this end I was hoping that contributors to JAMWiki would consider filling out the short linked survey (12 questions) for this project (or any other open source java project you are involved in)?

My research will look at and compare design pattern usage in Test-First and Test-Last projects in relation to effectiveness and design quality.

If you would be interested in learning more about the project or its findings please enter your details in the comment box on the survey and I will contact you once the project is complete.

I intend to use the results of the survey solely for the purposes of the dissertation. Individual contributors will not be named in any reporting of the project. If you do not wish your project to be identified you can indicate so in the survey and its name will be masked.

Many thanks in advance; your help is very much appreciated.
Keith Fogarty

Link to survey: