crosscompiling on arm

  • Dave Cramer

    Dave Cramer - 2005-11-22

    I manage to get to the point of compiling, and jamvm runs except it fails to find java/lang/Thread.
    This appears to be a problem with finding If I try to unzip this file on the target it fails. I suspect there is a zlib problem.

    Any hints?

    • Sergio Traldi

      Sergio Traldi - 2005-11-22

      you can download the gnu classpath distribution for example from
      tar -zxvf classpath-0.18.tar.gz
      you can link and compile that with the
      ./configure --disable-gtk-peer
      make && make install
      after that you can find in /usr/local/classpath/share/classpath the file Now you can unzip that file. And I think all work fine.
      I hope this is an help to you.

    • Dave Cramer

      Dave Cramer - 2005-11-22

      Actually it was more subtle than that

      my zlib.h was in /usr/include and wasn't found.



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