can't play greek songs

  • kyripapa

    kyripapa - 2008-07-23

    hello.i am using the jampal exe version and it can't play some of the greek songs i have downloaded from the internet.

    • Peter G Bennett

      Peter G Bennett - 2008-07-23

      I have a lot of Greek songs by Anna Vissi, George Dalaras, Haris Alexiou, Marios & Julie, Notis Sfakianakis. Also lots of English songs by Greek people like Vicky Leandros and Demis Roussos. All play fine!

      What happens when you play them? Is there an error message? Do other songs play OK?

      I suspect that the files you are downloading are not valid mp3 files. Jampal will not play wma files, ogg files or other types. Do you get an error message that it is not a valid MPEG? In that case you will not even be able to add it to the Jampal library. If you try to add non-mp3 files it may take a long time to display the error message because it reads through the whole file looking for some valid mp3 data when you add it to the library.

      Do they have Greek letters in the tags and does the tag display OK? The new version (1.17) of Jampal which I released yesterday should be able to handle Greek letters in the song names or artist names. I am very interested in knowing if that works, since I do not know how to enter Greek characters myself.

      Do the songs play ok with other programs (e.g. Microsoft media player) ?

      After a song will not play, look in the file "C:\Documents and Settings\peter\.jampal\jampal_err.txt" where "peter" is your user name. (your version of Windows may have different directory names if it is not an English version of Windows). If using Linux look in your home directory with subdurectory ".jampal". You can send me the contents of that file if there are error messages there. Laos let me know what version of Jampal you are using.

      If the files are non mp3 you may be able to convert them to mp3 using various tools.

    • Peter G Bennett

      Peter G Bennett - 2008-07-29

      See the bug tracker for updates to this problem.


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