Steve Souza - 2012-05-24

A user ran across this recently, so I thought I would post. Their jamon proxy url looked like this


jamon simply strips out jamon and jamonrealdriver=xxxxx, so the resulting url has to be the correct syntax for the underlying driver.  In this case:

jamon doesn't strip out the remaining question mark as jamon has no idea of what the valid syntax is for the underlying db.  In this case a ? was put as part of the database name (hsql-db?) which isn't what was wanted.   The solution is a bit odd. Remove the ?: 

A better solution for readability if the driver supports it would be a space or some other character that works as a terminator. Not sure if the following works or not but they give you an idea:
jdbc:jamon:hsqldb:file:location/database/hsql-db jamonrealdriver=org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver