I have prepared a release candidate (rc2) for Jamoma 0.5.7. This have been pretty extensively tested, partly thanks to the unit and integration tests that we have implemented over the past year (see the topmost paper at http://jamoma.org/papers.html for further details), and also thanks to a new server for building and testing that we have set up at BEK. Additional this have been used extensively in a number of artistic projects that I have been carrying out over the past 8 months, and probably also projects by other developers.

The installer is available here:

I have not had the time to write up an extensive change log, but the most important changes are:

I won't be able to attend to bug reports over the next few days due to general Xmas craziness, but if you see any problems, it would be great to get reports back. Hopefully we'll be able to properly announce the new installer between Christmas and New Year.

Seasons greetings on behalf of all of the Jamoma developers!