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Version alpha03 released

A new version is out. Basic items have been added. There's still much more to come, so stay tuned!

Posted by raganoth 2006-02-12

Version alpha02 released

It's been awhile, but version alpha02 is released. Basic statistics have been added, although they aren't very useful right now. Look forward to the next release for an ever-improving JAMIE!

Posted by raganoth 2006-01-22

Release of Version alpha01 !!

I've finally been able to find time to work on this again. I've finished the first official alpha release and its ready for download. Hopefully there will be new and better versions coming very soon!

Posted by raganoth 2005-08-12

Initial alpha release

I'm releasing a temporary alpha version to get the ball rolling. I will be changing features and adding many, many new ones in subsequent releases. Documentation will also be improved in later releases as well. Any comments/questions/bugs, just email me or post in the forums.

Posted by raganoth 2005-04-08