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End of Public updates to Java SE6 coming this February

See the announcement at The Java Source. I know that many of you are already successfully using Java 7 to run Jam. After February, I may make some reductions in code base taking advantage of new Java 7 API's.

Posted by Dale Visser 2012-12-12

Test Front End also now on git

I copied the CVS JFE repository over to a git repository called 'testfrontend'. My previous post implied there is a git for the VxWorks code, but that is not the case. The VxWorks code is available as a single snapshot download from the 'Files' tab.

Posted by Dale Visser 2012-01-01

Jam source code now on git.

I've migrated the java source code repository over to git. I've tested it by cloning it to a machine, running the build script, and running Jam. I hit a couple of hiccups, which resulted in one new check-in to the new git repository already.

I plan on migrating the VxWorks source code repository over to git soon.

I will probably delete the CVS repositories once I am satisfied that the Git repositories are both working.

Posted by Dale Visser 2011-12-26

Jam 2.4.11 released

Stabilized and bug-fixed. Download it today!

Posted by Dale Visser 2008-01-24

Jam 2.4.7 Released

JUnit dependency of the library jar file has been removed.

Posted by Dale Visser 2007-05-13

Jam 2.4.6 Released.

Has a critical fix for CAMAC-based DAQ systems.

Posted by Dale Visser 2007-05-12

Jam 2.4.5 Release

Full Release with windows installer.

[ 1543140 ] ArrayIndexOutOf Bounds painting 2D gates
The case of zero gate points wasn't being handled correctly.

Posted by Ken Swartz 2006-09-24

Jam 2.4.4 Release

Fix of scaler display problem

(Random NullPointerException: Initialized ScalerDisplay dialog field array to an empty array instead of null, and synchronized thread access to the array using a private monitor object.)

Posted by Ken Swartz 2006-08-29

Jam 2.4.2 Release

Bug Fixes
* Re-sorting does'nt not work .
Now can resort files offline without stopping Jam.

Posted by Ken Swartz 2006-03-30

Jam 2.4.1 Release

Bugs Fixed:
Scalers not showing.
Sort routines not load initially.
* Sort super class change back to SortRoutine from

Posted by Ken Swartz 2006-03-29

Jam 2.4.0 released

Bugs fixed:

  • Cannot Reload Saved Gates . [found by rlongland]
  • Path of Event Files and Logs . [found by rlongland]
  • Cannot change event file after sort. [found by rlongland]

Added dialog to display configuration read in from configuration files.
User configuration file read from user home then directory defined by jam.home.
Add a front end simulator so online sorting can be tested.
System.err and System.out calls replaced with logging API
* Significant code refactors to take advantage of generics

Posted by Dale Visser 2006-03-16

Jam 2.3.0 Released

Java SDK 1.5.0+ required
Launching from command line:
Include in classpath: Jam-2.3.0-lib.jar, Jam-2.3.0-help.jar and jh.jar (jh.jar available
at http://java.sun.com/products/javahelp/)
Main class is jam.JamMain
Windows: Just click on .msi file to install

fixed byte[]-to-String bug in L002HeaderReader that was preventing
offline sorting from working on systems where Unicode is now the
default encoding
now leverages new J2SE 5.0 text processing libraries so more forms
of text-based data files may be imported
as part of move to J2SE 5.0, all Collections-using code now takes
advantage of java generics
fixed bug that was preventing setup online from accessing VME

Posted by Ken Swartz 2005-08-22

Jam 2.2.1 Release

New Features:

Sort parameters values can now be save and loaded from a file.
Improvement of Parameter, Scaler and Monitor dialog boxes, a scrollbar is added to handle many entries.

Posted by Ken Swartz 2005-06-17

Jam 2.2.0 Release

New features:
Table with counts in scalers, gates and histograms
viewed when selecting a group. Table can be exported
to a tab delimited file.
Toolbar with commonly used commands
Bug Fixes:
* Fix reload hdf files without groups

Posted by Ken Swartz 2005-05-25

Jam 2.1.1 Released

Help file updated so sample sort routines source shows correctly.
"Under-the-hood" change to SortRoutine, which guarantees at the compile-time that calls to setEventSizeMode() are correct.

Posted by Ken Swartz 2005-05-01

Jam 2.0.0 Released

  • Histograms are now organized into groups. Groups contain both histograms and scalers. (Histograms contain gates and calibrations).
  • The histogram file format again meets the HDF 4 file format standard. This was broken for previous releases.
  • Calibrations are now saved with histograms.
  • Addition files can be opened, each into its own group or groups.
  • Multiple files with a selection of histograms can be opened or added together in a single action.
  • The Calibration dialog has been improved.... read more
Posted by Ken Swartz 2005-05-01

Jam 1.5.0 released

Windows, Linux and MacOS X downloads are available.

Change Log:
- All toolbar buttons now have icons--art by Ken Swartz
- Layout of GUI improved
- Drag boxes appear while selecting areas in the "Area" and
"Expand" toolbar actions
- Thread timing bugs fixed in online and offline sorting...still
needs testing on Mac and Linux systems.
- Purposeful System console output has been
redirected to dialogs and Jam's console, or removed
- Related to last item: an extra tab exists on fit dialogs which
displays all the fit information which used to go to the
System console
- File|Special and File|Utilities menus provide new ways to
save and access HDF files and YaleCAEN-formatted event files
- File|JHF removed. To access old JHF files, download Jam 1.3.3
- Basic scripting for offline sorting exists, but is primitive at
the moment and undocumented
- Histogram|Gain Shift and Histogram|Projections have
more choosers for greater flexibility
- Histogram calibration dialogs work more consistently now
- Help file additions explaining the new items in the File menu
- added main() to jam.Help for separately launching Jam's help
browser... read more

Posted by Dale Visser 2004-04-28

1.4 (Release Candidate 8) available

Platform-indep release and Windows release, others if requested

  • new re-binning feature
  • bug fixes: event file saving and toolbar buttons on Windows XP
  • faster display painting (anti-aliasing limited to text now)
Posted by Dale Visser 2004-03-15

1.4 (Release Candidate 7) available

memory leaks in choosers and HDF access patched
histogram and gate chooser behavior and icon
appearance improved
* canceling offline sorting now leaves the histograms,
sort routine, etc. intact with the results of the sorting
up to that point

Posted by Dale Visser 2004-02-11

v1.4 (Release Candidate 4)

(1) The Histogram chooser includes icons to mark those histograms that contain gates. They are a "gates present but not all defined" icon, and a "gates present and all defined" icon. (2) The selection toolbar at top and the action toolbar at the side, can now be dragged away from the main window to make more room for the plot. (3) HDF I/O classes have been refactored to make more use of the Java Collections API, specifically Maps, which makes the code more readable, and (at least theoretically) improves HDF I/O speed.

Posted by Dale Visser 2003-12-22

v1.4 (Release Candidate 3)

Some nice changes: (1) Tightened up the response time of the histogram and gate choosers. (2) The histogram chooser now shows the histogram number, name, and whether it's 1D or 2D. (3) Console command added for histogram display. E.g., entering "d 15" in the console will cause Jam to display histogram 15, if it exists. Additions for doing overlays will be included in the next release. (4) To add clarity, the histogram number is now shown in the upper lefthand corner of the plots. (5) Much documentation has been added/corrected about the communications between Jam and the front end computer.

Posted by Dale Visser 2003-12-18

v1.4 Release Candidate 2

The jar files for Jam 1.4 RC 2 are released. The only changes from RC 1 are fixes in how Radware .spe and ORNL .his/.drr files are written out.

Posted by Dale Visser 2003-11-16

v1.4 Release Candidate 1 for Linux

More text importing and improved histogram projections mark this release. See the release notes for more. If installers for other platforms, email Dale Visser. http://jam-daq.sf.net/

Posted by Dale Visser 2003-10-21

Colorful new 1.4.0 beta 3 code available

The latest development branch code subsequent to v1.4.0beta3 now includes multiple gaussian peak fitting, and a true color gradient color scale option for 2d histogram plots.

Posted by Dale Visser 2003-10-07

Jam v1.4 beta released

Help files have finally been added to Jam. In addition to some minor bug fixes, a workaround for MacOSX machines that draw 2d gates slowly has been included. See Help|User Guide|Menus|Preferences for details.

Posted by Dale Visser 2003-02-23