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Jaluna-1 Software Component Suite is available for download

Jaluna-1 is a suite of Real-Time software components that enables system manufacturers to rapidly develop, integrate and deliver efficient, dependable solutions. The software is designed to meet the stringent
functionality, reliability and availability requirements of network infrastructure equipment, referred to as "Carrier-Grade".
Jaluna-1 is based on C5, the 5th generation of Sun Microsystems' ChorusOS
Jaluna-1 Software Component Suite includes the following components:
- C5 Real-Time microkernel with modular scheduler, memory management, communication, synchronization, time services, interrupt management, as well as a portable device driver framework
- RT-POSIX system layer, based on FreeBSD 4.1, with enhancements for embedded systems
- High availability components including a hot-restart mechanism, error confinement, hardware hot-swap, instrumentation, black boxes, watchdogs, system and driver hardening, and in-service reconfiguration
- High-performance IP v4/v6 services and multiple protocol interfaces, to facilitate support of a large variety of protocol stacks from 3rd party vendors
- CDE, cross-development environment including gcc 3.2, gdb 5.2.1 with Insight GUI, thread-safe system libraries, system configurator,
benchmarking, logging, monitoring, profiling, and system dump tools
- Initial target processors including x86, PowerPC and SPARC, within CompactPCI-based architectures
- Host development systems including Linux RedHat 7.3 and Solaris 8
- Comprehensive documentation set to further facilitate use of Jaluna-1 and integration of its components into products. Documentation is available on
Jaluna's web site: www.jaluna.com/.... read more

Posted by Benoit Poulot-Cazajous 2002-10-29