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author is still alive

the author of this project is still alive. it would be nice to have someone raise it from the dead, as the author currently does not have a use for it, and no time to maintain it! there may come a free weekend when this will all of a sudden be picked up again.

Posted by thought for food tech 2006-01-19

in hopes of contribution

another Jaimbizzle release after about 2 months! PLEASE take a look, please play with it, please help add XML-RPC support! :)

Posted by jon madison 2003-07-09

please visit Project Website

please visit


for the latest news, and discussion, on the Jb software.

Posted by jon madison 2003-05-19

Runnable version available with 0.8

in addition to the source release, there's a RUNNABLE release (no source), that allows you to configure and run the bot on the command line. granted, it's not much use without adding any modules, although it includes two sample modules for "music" and "shows" from my beats.com website.

Posted by jon madison 2003-05-15

Progress, and a note on required jaimlib.

fyi--haven't released lately--i've mainly been working on the GUI portion, which i haven't released to CVS at all yet. i'll have more updates in CVS this week with another possible release by week's end.

In case there is a question on the jaimlib version--the current version of jaimlib (0.5 or above) is available on sourceforge, and works fine with this release of Jb.



Posted by jon madison 2003-05-11

we have your software right here!

okay, thanks to wilko, the jaimlib has been sufficiently updated, and you can grab the 0.5 release from the http://www.sf.net/projects/jaimlib page. you should be able to download that, drop it in, and cleanly build and run Jb as long as you're running java 1.4, no problem!

Posted by jon madison 2003-04-28

screenshots of Jb GUI

screenshots of the (not yet uploaded) GUI for jaimbizzle is up. at the site


Posted by jon madison 2003-03-29