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Jaic Wain 0.2.1 Released

Jaic Wain is an effort to create an IRC client that is actually easy to use and to understand, while still being powerful. Version 0.2.1, which was just released, adds, among bugfixes, support for SSL connections, new look & feels and (gasp) a status bar.

This is expected to be the last release before 0.3.0, whose development will start shortly.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2006-07-17

Project Delayed

My work on this project is being slowed down, as you'll already have noticed. That is due to school activities: The final exam is steadily drawing nearer. I already have plans about when the next version is going to be released, but I don't know when that will be.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2003-03-08

Jaic Wain 0.2.0 Released

Jaic Wain is a Java IRC client featuring a very clean GUI. Version 0.2.0 is the result of a big refactoring / rewriting phase and introduces a lot of new features (a very flexible windowing system, an options dialog, a BeanShell interface etc.).

The new release should still be considered alpha and is to be treated with the appropriate respect. There shouldn't be too many bugs, but then again it has only been tested by few people.... read more

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2003-02-09

Progress Report 3

A first usable version (it bears the version number 0.2.0pre1, for no particular reason) is in the CVS for quite a while now and its steadily getting better. It's very stable, has few bugs that I know of and could already be released. I want to add a few features before doing so, but the release date draws nearer and nearer.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2003-01-24

CVS Reset

I've finally got a first version up and running. As far as I know, it's quite stable, but it lacks all those features I'm planning for the 0.2.0 release. For example, it doesn't have a toolbar and its menu bar is as yet improvised.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2003-01-07

Progress Report 2

I've just completed the new Connect dialog, which will make the old Edit Server List and Edit User List dialogs unnecessary. As a result, it got a little bigger, but it's better this way than having all the management and connection stuff hidden inside the options (greetings to mIRC ;).

The IRC implementation's almost as far as I've gotten with the old Jaic Wain version (ported most of the old code to the new version rather than writing it from scratch). I'll complete a first usable version in the next few days, I guess. I'll then reset the CVS and import the new codebase.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2003-01-05

Progress Report

Good news: Out of the seven subsystems, four have already been completed (GUI, localization, options, sessions). What remains to be done now is the implementation of all the IRC stuff. As soon as that's finished, I'll probably update the CVS tree with the new code. Then, work on dialogs and other GUI stuff will begin.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2002-11-03

Version 0.1.2 Released

As the new Jaic Wain codebase is coming along quite well (GUI, options and localization subsystems are finished already), the CVS tree will be reset eventually. To prevent the current stuff from being lost, I decided to add a new release, 0.1.2. Feel free to download and use it.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2002-10-30

Redesign's coming along quite well!

I've completely dived into refacturing the Jaic Wain sources. While having specced out some subsystems already, others are still missing. I'll possibly write a written spec and submit it on the main Jaic Wain website soon.

Speaking of documentation: I'll shut down the Docs section of the Sourceforge project site as it's going to be exactly the same as the Docs section on the main website. All that other stuff will be continued, though.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2002-10-10

Disturbance in Development Continuum

Due to educational activities I'll be away next week. Due to gaming activities I'll be away most of the week after. During those times, Jaic Wain development can't be continued. It will be as soon as I get back, however.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2002-09-22

CVS Updated; Homepage Ready

I've made a few additions to Jaic Wain, the great IRC client that never gets old and needs Java2 1.4. About 180 additions, to be exact.

Being in the process of refacturing Jaic Wain, I've decided to add a message class for every IRC Message which kind of wraps around the IRCMessage class. That will keep the whole thing extremely easy to use (good for plug-in and macro authors, as soon as those subsystems are ready) and backward compatible, meaning that I don't have to change all the source code at once.... read more

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2002-09-19

Home Page Planned

I've just started working on an own home page for Jaic Wain, the great IRC Client for Java2 1.4 that never gets old. While I've already completed a first design study, I can't tell when the whole thing will be up and ready as I'm parallely working on Jaic Wain and doing school stuff.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2002-09-09

The Saga Continues

I tell you all: I've never had as much to do as I currently have. Anyway, I begin to find some free time again to continue developing Jaic Wain. And you thought it would never be completed, eh?

I won't release a new version any time soon, as I'm still in the middle of the refacturing process. I'm currently programming an addition to the IRC stuff which will provide one class for each IRC message so that plug-in developers can easily create and use IRC messages.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2002-09-04

A Bright Look Into the Future

As time goes by, our team of developers (currently only one actual developer actually, but well.. never mind) steadily becomes wiser and more experienced. The initial design of Jaic Wain isn't as good as it could be, so we decided to completely refactor the code.

Well, that's not a bad thing. Actually, it will help us develop and enhance Jaic Wain and make it the chat client it was meant to become from the start.... read more

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2002-05-01

Version 0.1.1 Released

My work on release 0.2 was and will be slowed down a bit due to a series of exams. That made me release v0.1.1, which will probably be the last release before 0.2 and doesn't include all the stuff I plan to do for 0.2. Anyway, it contains some features that some just can't live without ;).

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2002-04-26

The next release - When will it be released?

I've just started working on the "Commands" menu implementations. A new Jaic Wain version will be released as soon as all commands are available.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2002-04-15

First Release & Alpha Status

I decided to release a first official Jaic Wain version today. It certainly hasn't got the functions it will have yet. Many menu commands don't work, there are many IRC commands to implement and there's nothing like a help file or something. Anyway, post what you think about this first release and any bugs you find.

Also, Jaic Wain has entered the Alpha status today.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2002-04-13

Updated CVS

I didn't know about binary files and the CVS till today. Unfortunately, some files in the CVS were corrupt. So, I decided spending the whole day trying to update it... Now, everything's allright and Jaic Wain even has an Ant buildfile online.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2002-04-09

First CVS Checkin

Today, I did a first check-in of the Jaic Wain sources. The version is quite stable and most menu commands don't work yet... No options can be set via the UI (you'll have to configurate Jaic Wain via editing the config.cfg file), except the server and user list. You can already connect to multiple servers, disconnect, connect again and exit Jaic Wain.

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2002-04-07

Jaic Wain Codename

Even before the first public Jaic Wain version is released, I decided to give the IRC client a codename: "Postcat"! Any comments may be postet in the forums!

Posted by Christoph Daniel Schulze 2002-03-27