Jahshaka 1.9a8 released!

After lots of hard work (and a short delay in development while we relocated) jahshaka 1.9a8 has been released.

The development of Jahshaka 1.9a8 focused on cleaning up the core code and development of the effects module. One of the main new features in this release of jahshaka is a new unified core. All the jahshaka modules now share one OpenGL world space and this has freed up a lot of resources.

The cool thing is this allows jahshaka to run on any graphics card with 16mb of texture memory or more... removing a major roadblock in jahshaka adoption and opening it up to pretty much any pc out there.

GPU and GPGPU effects

The 1.9a8 release is now gpu and gpgpu capable (on supported hardware) The Gpu accelerated version of jahshaka also includes our first suite of Plugins, RasFX (Realtime FX). It will soon to be ported to a Cpu version, for the non-gpu boxes.

New Features

The new jahshaka core now supports unlimited layers, and we have laid the groundwork for layer grouping in animation and true multi-tree node based effects in the effects module.

We added a lot of other cool features inclouding optional regularmenus, blurs, a better cross platform hardware renderer (works on sgi and mac, currently those versions use soft rendering). Avi support on windows works pretty well and we have a windows encoder on the desktop.

We also added a working keyframe editor, editable numeric fields with a calculator, multi layer selections, stabalized the database, and added a export option to the desktop that will export clips to any location.

The animation module now features better scene loading and a new scene export feature that will allow you to export scene files along will all the assets, tar them up and send them to other jahshaka users to load. We will be using this feature to post some cool tutorials to the tutorials section of the www.jahshaka.org website.

Future Development

the next release 1.9a9 will be our first openml compatable release and will have proper video editing and video i/o, and audio layers (proper audio support) along with the first rev of the broadcasting module which will allow you to broadcast mpeg and xiph.org encoded clips from your desktop...

Download it now!

We are still working on getting linux RPM's up on the jahshaka download page and will keep you posted. Until then you can grab linux source code and windows binaries from the jahshaka project page.

Posted by jahshaka 2004-07-19

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