Some feature 'requests'

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have composed a small list of stuff I would love to see in Jahshaka;

    Garbage masks like in Discreet's Combustion ( or similar )
    Expressions ( for complex procedural animation )
    Schematic viewport ( for linking layers, effects/filters, animatable parameters and so on )
    Motion tracking ( with motion data that can be mapped onto layers, vertices of beizer-spline masks if implemented, etc )

    CVS! :)

    More to come! :)


    • jahshaka

      jahshaka - 2002-09-14

      Thanks for the great ideas!

      Garbage masks will definatly be a cool features, and expressions would be cool if we could find out a really easy way to implement them, maybe a dag-and-drop library with a tuner?

      We are working on the schematic view, and checked out the way they do things in Shake, seems like the way to go!

      Since we are focusing on hardware-accelerated rendering, renderfarming may not be necessary, but it would be pretty easy to implement if users want it.

      Motion tracking is a bit harder to get going, as it takes up a lot of processing and some hard core mathematics to be really useful. The new auto-tracking features in boujou and matchmover pro seem like the way to go.

      Once the 1.9 release is cleaned up and released, we will be setting up our CVS and development roadmap, send us a email and we will add you to the release list!


      Jah Shaka


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