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    slashdot can be very harsh rude and overly critical
    not for the faint hearted but you may find some of the comments of use and if you really are willing to hear criticism they are sure to give it to you. 

    the story is here
    the comment thread mentioning Jahshaka is here

    • jahshaka

      jahshaka - 2002-06-11

      Theres some great criticism there over the GUI. Someone posted that we are just using a default Qt theme - and that is true, the next release lets you cycle through Qt themes and colors to create your own look.

      We also tried posting some graphic based designs on the website - specs page and the feedback was more to the tune of  stick with the basic stuff.

      We need some ideas on what to do here, short of making it skinnable...


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I like the interfaces of RAYZ and Shake, I'd like to see something similar.

      • Elan Engel

        Elan Engel - 2003-07-31

        I really do like having a clean interface, but I do think that the gray interface that you are currently using doesn't have enough contrast to make the buttons visable enough.  The other thing is that a texture really helps seperate your display windows from the interface.  This is something that is really important for an easy workflow.  When you look at FCP, Premiere, or AE, they all have contrasing windows and interfaces.  The one exception that I can think of is AIST.  Their interface is dark gray.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      so, about gui and features:

      1.keep user-interface simple. most eyecandy software is total trash and distracts users from main point: getting work done. i like dpsVelocity which is quite okay, because editing in it is simple and keyboard driven = fast.

      1b. default look and feel should be very neutral. i personally prefer no colors as they will screw up your eyes and distract concentration from footage being edited.
      need for mouse traveling should be eliminated. you shouldn't need to go through the menus if you know what you are doing.
      make icon buttons to only those actions that are most basic and most easily understood by their graphic signature (eg. view mode choosing)

      2. include menus for those who have not yet learned all shortcuts.

      3a. why do you have so many separated modules doing heavily related work? like animation separated from the rest: when working with moving pictures, you do need animation all the time (eg. blend controls, color correcting and so on.)
      maybe i missed some point, but..

      3b. you could cut those different views to just a few:
      timeline -for editing time-based stuff
      flowchart -for showing whole footage processing pipeline (what goes, where goes)
      view window -for painting, playing and animating footage, being one general place for changing and editing footage

      something like this (digital fusion style) would reduce frustration and jumping from view to view.

      4. i think you could use existing gimp codebase (gegl etc) as already suggested in this forum to implement a lot of composition and painting stuff.

      and check out existing high-end software.
      these are already designed by someone and polished after years of user feedback..

      5. features:
      plugin system (for color correction, matte extraction etc.)
      normal non-linear editing
      flowchart-style chaining of plugins

      i'm a little bit sceptical if integrating all kinds of different software is a good idea. there is a danger that it will lead to a greater mess and lesser usability.

      anyway, i would like to thank you for seeing such a trouble. it would be damn fine to have free editing/compositing software available.

      well, i should be back at drawing frames by now :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The dark interface is kind of a hang-over from discreet flint/flame/inferno, the theory behind it is you don't want the app influencing how you perceive the footage, especially if you're doing grading/colour correction.


      • jahshaka

        jahshaka - 2003-09-11

        We are actually working on the new interface a bit, check out the OpenGL interface that was desigend for us, its pretty cool... and will probably be the route were taking

        until then you can change the color scheme to silver or blue in the preferences... though we need to get this to 'stick'

        lots of work to be done :)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The open GL interface actually looks really nice.  It's just a matter of how nice it is to use at this point.  Life is moving right along.  good work and mad props to CMI and Jahshaka.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yes, please go with the OpenGL interface. Very well designed. It's clean, simple and has a high-quality feel.




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