Jade - Jadex integration

  • Jaime de Miguel

    Jaime de Miguel - 2010-12-02


    I'm  trying to integrate two different systems, one in jadex and the other in jade. They need to communicate between them. I had thought about using JadeGateway to communicate from plain java to jade, but I don't know if it's possible to introduce something external in Jadex. Also I'd read in this forum that an ACL message won't work, because in that case the jadex agents would work as jade agent, and the jadex system won't work.

    I'm a bit stuck here, so any help provided would be great.


  • Lars Braubach

    Lars Braubach - 2010-12-03


    if you use an older version of Jadex you can run Jadex using the JADE adapter infrastructure. This means your Jadex agents are then also JADE agents and you can communicate between Jadex and pure JADE agents using messages.
    For the newest Jadex version we have not finished the JADE adapter until now. If you want to separately run JADE and Jadex platforms without adapter you could also think about using a communication infrastructure like a black board or tuple spaces, which both kinds of agent then use for placing and reading information.


  • Michele

    Michele - 2012-04-28

    Hi all,

    I've the same problem of jmmontero, I would want to integrate JADEX 2.0 and JADE platforms.
    I'm searched on google but unsuccessfully.
    I've some questions:
    The JADE adapter for Jadex 2.0 is still unfinished?
    The only solution is to use a shared communication channel?
    Do you know any tutorial or guide to help me to realize an adapter between JADEX 2.0 and JADE?

    Thanks for replies!

  • Lars Braubach

    Lars Braubach - 2012-04-30

    Hi Michele,

    yes, the JADE adapter is unfinished and we maybe will come up with a smaller solution (just allowing BDI agents run on a JADE platform instead of a full platform conversion).

    A big problem is that Jadex 2.0 and JADE do not have much in common except the fact that they are containers for agents. The adapter solution we had for 0.96 took JADE as middleware and used normal JADE agents to execute Jadex BDI behavior. This allows Jadex agents to communicate with JADE agents using the standard JADE transports. We did not develop transports that allow a direct communication between JADE and Jadex platforms.

    Please let us know if you want to work on that topic on yourself and we can support you more. We will first finish working on 2.1 version before coming back to compability issues with JADE.


  • Michele

    Michele - 2012-05-04

    Hi Lars,

    thanks for the reply, I've decided to use jadex 0.96 for my thesis work, if I'll find a bit of time I'll try to work on a solution to do comunicate jadex and jade platform, but I am not sure to find the time.



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