Some question about jadex webbridge

  • VincentLow Chan Yew

    I am still new to jadex agent, currently i had successfully build an agent project, but i wish to export my jadex agent to run in

    web (to show as a game in website). Is it the only solution is using the jadex webbridge?

    Because i cant find any tutorial on how to export jadex agent to the web, any ideal?

    And i am still new to webbridge, i got download the jadex-webbridge-0.96-beta1, i cant find the tutorial on how to use it…

    I need some help on it…

  • Lars Braubach

    Lars Braubach - 2011-03-29


    Jadex webbridge exists for Jadex 0.96 only. It allows you to use the model-2 design pattern (similar to model view controller) for agent applications in a similar way as typical Java web frameworks do. It is free for academic purposes and if you wish to download it you have to register at the Jadex agents wiki and tell us your user name so that we can grant you the download rights. It has also a small tutorial on how to use it.

    If you only want a simple web app it might be sufficient to start Jadex inside of a web container such as Tomcat and redirect some calls to agents.



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