Agent's processing state

  • Nuebie

    Nuebie - 2013-01-08

    Hi All,

    could we actually find the agent's processing state? because I could found the constants such as PROCESSINGSTATE_IDLE under IComponentDescription, but I failed to found any method to inquire such response.

    When I try to monitor the agent's properties, I could found a slot about "Processing State" but it always been blank.

    Thank you.


  • Lars Braubach

    Lars Braubach - 2013-01-11

    Hi Nuebie,

    the processing state is currently not made available to other agents. What is your application case for knowing the state?


  • Nuebie

    Nuebie - 2013-01-15

    Hi Lars,

    Thank you for ur reply :)

    I try to make a kind of  central_apps which organize all the multiple agents underneath it. I would like to know when is an agent idle or not, so that I could know that this is the time when my central_app seek to the other app for the data that the corresponding asking for. (idle in my intuitive definition here is that an agents which all the existing plan adopted by it are in waitForCondition() )

    I found that there is a way to organize multiple agents in Jadex by using application.xml. But due to it is an xml, I could not find a way to insert a custom decision making ((in continuation with the last paragraph story ) such as to have the central_app remember the agent's in idle who asking for an information, and then search for that info, and send it to the idle agent.)

    Are there any other Jadex exsisting platform, so that I could have such kind of custom decision making? or is there a way of using application.xml that I do not aware of?

    Thank you :)


  • Nuebie

    Nuebie - 2013-01-18

    Ow Now I saw the Environment things, I guess through this I could organize the multiple agent.
    Thank you Lars,




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