• Azizur Rahman

    Azizur Rahman - 2010-07-17

    How ontology is being used in Cleanerworld example in jadex? How can I generate the ontology which I need for a simple example? It will be my pleasure if anybody help me in this regard.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Lars Braubach

    Lars Braubach - 2010-09-07

    Hi Azizur,

    you do not need explicit ontologies in Jadex. Just write Java beans with public getter and setter methods. These can be transferred transparently using the Jadex XML library included in the release.


  • Azizur Rahman

    Azizur Rahman - 2010-09-07

    Hi Lars,
    Thanks a lot for your reply.  I wrote Java beans manually and I also used Protege with Jadex_Beanyinzer tool to generate Java beans.  I transfered ontology too following user guidelines.

    Best Regards,

  • meng

    meng - 2011-02-18

    Hi azizur,

    Which version of protege and jadex_beanynizer you are using?
    Could you please post the link if possible?
    I am using protege with beangenerator, which seems not good as jade libraries are required and imports are also needed to change.

  • Alexander Pokahr


    the latest version of the beanynizer is included in Jadex 0.96.
    It was developed for protege 2.1 but I remember it also
    working for protege 3.x.

    You can download older versions of protege here:



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