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Jacson sources migrated to Sourceforge SVN service

After a large time a silence a sign of life from Jacson:

The source code is now available via the SF subversion services. After
having used a private repository for the last release we migrated to the
SF service to make it easier for you to contribute to the project.

Posted by Patrick Carl 2007-03-24

Plugin Reference available

The Jacson project released a beta version of the new Jacson Plugin Reference at http://jacson.sf.net/reference/index.html.
These docs are auto-generated using xdoclet (http://xdoclet.sf.net).
They provide an overview and a detailled as the javadocs are description of the available Jacson plugins like generic sources, filters, evaluators and reports.

Posted by Patrick Carl 2005-10-06

Release 0.90

And now something completely different: A new Jacson release including some RFE: A GroupingFilter to reorganize chunks and a HeadPad- and TailPadFilter to have something similar to awk's begin and end. Thanks to glocker and jm_beas for the feature requests.

Posted by Patrick Carl 2005-10-03

Jacson 0.89

So it comes to this - Jacson 0.89:
This releases introduces GenericSources which can be configured like plugin classes like Reports and Filters. Based on this extension a new driver application JacsonGeneric and a new SQLSource is provided.

Furthermore some fixes, updated documentation and a new BrokenLinkFilter.

For details see changelog at http://jacson.sf.net/changelog.html.

Posted by Patrick Carl 2004-04-09

One more admin

Since my (nestefan) lack of time has become one major bottleneck, I made pcs_org (http://sourceforge.net/users/pcs_org/) second admin of this project. There is hope, that he has another Jacson release to come sometime soon. Here we go!

Posted by Frank Nestel 2004-04-05

New Release 0.83

This is a minor update. Excerpt from changelook.

Another release featuring work of Patrick Carl (aka pcs_org)

- New SetStateParamFilter to modify processing state when certain chunks
swim by.

- JacsonReport now extends JacsonStately, Reports have access to the
processing state. This for example allows new combination of TailSource
and MailReport. (see monitor.conf in samples directory)

Posted by Frank Nestel 2004-02-08

Version 0.82 up and alive

Excerpt from the Changelog:

- New Log4jReport, this adds another layer of processing, formatting,
filtering and forwarding to Jacson.
- New WebSessionFilter applies the standard definition (requests from
ip within timeout) to logfiles, to find sessions.
- New SimpleContainsFilter for more efficient simple String matching.
- New id.conf sample, for the (almost) most simple config possible.... read more

Posted by Frank Nestel 2003-08-02

Release 0.81 is out!

Excerpt from the Changelog:

This release contains lots of work by pcs_org. Thank you!

- The sample batches (head.sh + grep.sh) are now running under Unix (pcs_org)

- OCRSource uses GOCR (http://jocr.sf.net) to feed pictures (pcs_org)
- MailReport, first shot on generating mails from Jacson (pcs_org)
- PrintingReport allows filename or stdout now (pcs_org)
- Jacson command for JJacket 0.0.3 (jjacket.sf.net), JJacket not bundled

Posted by Frank Nestel 2003-05-16

Release 0.80

New Features:
- Jacson now embeds into Ant FilterChains
- JacsonReader wraps Jacson into java.io.FilterReader
- New Filters and Selections
And many details more.

Posted by Frank Nestel 2003-03-29

Jacson 0.71 online

This should build again.

Posted by Frank Nestel 2003-02-11

0.7 does not compile.

Sorry, v0.7 runs, but does not build fresh. We should have done a clean build run during final preparation. A release 0.71 will come soon. Stay tuned.

Posted by Frank Nestel 2003-02-11

Jacson 0.7

New Features:
- FOP formatted output.
- Logfile monitoring.
Updates, fixes and better docs in other places.

Posted by Frank Nestel 2003-02-09

Update Jacson 0.6

There are several cahnges and improvements.Notably:

- Improved ant task integration
- Reading POP3 or IMAP mailboxes via MailSource
- Chunk stemming to do linguistic normalization to input.

Posted by Frank Nestel 2003-01-17

Jacson made public

With the beginning of the new year, Jacson is finally online: That means http://jacson.sf.net is up and there
are files released for you to download.

Posted by Frank Nestel 2003-01-01

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